hi all. Hope everyone is doing as well as can be. 


I I had a loop and laser under GA on Tuesday 12th. Just wondered what the noemail turn around for the results are and will I get a phonecall or a letter. I did ask but totally forgot what she said as I think I was still a bit woozy from the GA. Evertthing went well I think and she just mentioned that I need to make sure my GP follows up my smear in 6 months time. If they saw anything bad/suspicious would they have mentioned it before they discharged me?

thanks Emma x

Hi Emma,

The results wait is about 4 weeks - I didn't get either of my colposcopy / LLETZ results until I chased it up !! Got mine at 6 weeks after requesting a consultant call back . Don't leave it, make sure you are onto it . Hope that you are feeling better soon and doing ok .