Hi Ladies,

i am due to get my results any day now. Next Wednesday will be 4 weeks since my colposcopy and Lletz. I called the clinic last week and my results are in and they said they will send them in due course. I understand they are unable to give them over the phone. I am getting really anxious now!

If, worst case scenario, it was CC, would they advise this in the letter or would they call you? Also, would I have got my results sooner if they were bad? 

Many Thanks

Hi, I suspect in most cases you would get called in sooner if there was cc... or the receptionist might say the doctor wants to speak to you if they found any problems. I think it bodes well and I wouldn't be worried in your position. I know how frustrating it is waiting for results.



Thanks for your reply spacebunny. 

i am thinking that it will all be ok but until I actually have the results in my hand I think I will just be thinking what if!! I need to be patient!!