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Hi ladies I was diagnosed two weeks ago today, I was told that I would need a MRI to see if it haa spread. Consultant told me I could be waiting 4 weeks for my MRI appointment to come through, still haven't heard anything as yet. As you know this waiting is horrible. I run a business so obviously I'm worried about sorting that out along with sorting things out like my bills etc.. Just wondered how long other people have had to wait before getting there MRI appoinment through and after the MRI how long is the general waiting time before treatment starts. At only a grand old age of 28 with no kids I'm finding things a bit hard and stressfull at the minute, thanks ladies in advance. 

Hello… Sorry you’ve had to join the club :frowning: I hope you’re managing ok.
As you’ve said the waiting is horrendous… I was diagnosed last year at 26… And it floored me!! Infact I had my op a year ago today.
I had to wait a few weeks for my MRI… I’d had a Lletz procedure and they wanted to make sure I was healed completely first so that it didn’t throw up abnormal images… My MRI was clear thankfully.

I hope you’re doing ok. Any questions feel free to ask.

Take care :slight_smile:

Em xxx

Hi, thanks for your reply it would be 15 days from diagnose and still haven't heard a thing, just find it strange having to wait a long length of time.. Reading comments on here everyone seems to have there's done quite quick. I am just feeling a bito clueless about the whole situation, the consultant just told me I have cervical cancer and that's it. I feel like I didn't get much info apart from the different procedures done for different stages and told not to worry! Oh come on how can you not worry! The waiting times on the nhs are ridiculas xxx


27/05/14 abnormal smear 

13/7/14 colposcopy biopsy taken 

26/07/14 diagnosed with cervical cancer (don't know the stage) 

Now still waiting for MRI appoimnet to come through. 

Hi Hunni I'm sorry that you too have cc. I cannot believe you still havent had your scan! Or at least a date have you got a nurse? Mine was/is brilliant I was so anxious at the start not knowing what stage I was at she rushed everything thru for me the day I got told I had cc I had my MRI then the results 2 days later. I no this wont be the same for everyone I had a lot of messing about from a hospital that went on from April till beginning of June before they finally decided to have a look up there! So maybe they knew things should have been dealt with sooner/quicker. So if I was you I would be on the phone to your nurse or doctor chasing it up because waiting really is the hardest thing.

take care hunni



Hi, the consultant gave me a number for a nurse and said he would pass my info on to her if I ever needed a chat. I'm not sure who to phone so maybe shall I try and phone her do you think? my docs don't know a thing there records haven't been update the last thing on my docs system for me is her urgent referal. He did say maybe 4 week wait so I will wait a few more days and then try n contact somebody, thankyou xxx

Hi Louise, definitely ring the nurse she will be able to give you much more info than the Dr. My CNS (cancer nurse) was a godsend to me, she got results for me and told me my stage etc. Waiting is a nightmare but once things start moving it will happen really quickly! Good luck xx


Sue xx

Well arrived home from work to find a letter with a appinment for the 31st of July so I have still 3 weeks to wait but least I finally have a appointment. Although isn't a MRI it says... PET SCAN of my full body.. Not sure what this means, so still going to be a waiting game I suppose 


lou xxx

Hi this is Katie.

Thought I would let you know that the PET Scan is the most definitive of all the scans for exact position of any cancer. They are using the best available technology for you. It is very much like a CT scan but better for diagnosis. They will be able to tell immediately if your cancer is totally contained or not. That helps them give you the best directed therapy.

MRI looks just like a picture of your inside. Good images are fascinating to look at because they are so clear, they showed exactly what my spine injury looked like. But machine is noisy.

Your team should communicate with you more. I agree that you should call your nurse. She can be one of your best advocates during this journey. Take advantage of the fact that you have someone to call. It helps to get your questions answered. Keep a list of your questions and don't be shy to ask. It is Your body.

Hope this helps. Hugs,


Glad you got your appointment through hun, but if you have any concerns ring the nurse that is what she is there for. Good luck Hunni let us know how you get on xx

hi that is a long wait i had mine 10 days after colposcopy although i did stalk them everyday they probably gave me the mri to get some peace. have you rang the consltant and the MRI dept to ask if they have recieved your referal? so sorry you have been diagnosed with CC. 

hugs xxxx

I revived a appointment through for a MRI scan aswell so I have a MRI on the 29th of this month and a pet scan on the 31st of this month. I rang to confirm the appointments and she said because I had a biopsy needed to make sure it's propley healed first, maybe that was just a excuse I don't know. Unsure why I need a MRI and a pet scan, any othe ladies had both the scans? 






An MRI will let them actually examine the tissue to be sure you have healed. They can look at it, inside and outside of the very specific area. It doesn't hurt. It is noninvasive. Just like black and white photography. So not like xrays/scans. Other than it looks like a scan room.hi

If biopsy has not healed, they may get a false interpretation of your PET. I don't think it is an excuse for any thing. Sounds like they are covering all the bases for you. I think if you are not totally healed from the biopsy, they would put the scan off for a bit. It sounds like they have your best interest at heart. Just please make sure you are comfortable with commication level from your team, nurse included.

Hugs, Katie

I was diagnosed on 13th June had my MRI on July 7th xxx


One thing about the PET scan, is that they can tell exactly which of the lymph nodes are affected and exactly what they need to remove.

According to my oncologists, it indicates location down to cellular level. (I saw my scan, but still have a hard time believing they see actually to cellular level.) My healthcare team used the node locations to map out and determine exactly which nodes they would use radiation on.

Thanks for the comments ladies, quick question... When you had the MRI or pet scan what did you wear? When I phoned to confirm the appointments she said to wear looses fitting clothing with no metal. I am a jeans kinda girl so pretty obvs I can't wear those, I have a couple pairs of joggys but noticed then have a wee bit of metal at the top. DI they just provide you with a hospital gown to change into anyway? 


Thanks louise xxx



Hi Louise,

Don't worry they will give you a gown to change into.

Becky x

Ok thanks didn't want to go out and tet and find something xxx