MRI scan

Does anyone know how long I should have to wait for the results if my MRI scan?  It took place last Wednesday and called them on Friday but they did not have the results back.  If it was really bad would they call me straight away? 

Hi Anna,

Mine take about a week,but I know it varies alot depending on the

hospital.Try calling again next Wednesday if youstill haven't heard.

All the best

Becky x

Hi Anna,

on the wall in my hospital, outside the scanning room, it says that you either get you results at you GPs or at your next consultant appointment. There was a time frame given for gps but I'm sorry I can't remember what it was, as I was due to see the consultant. I would think at least a week though.

hope it's good news, Molly xx

Thank you so much both! I guess I just have to be patient! Xx