Long wait

Hi everyone, just want to clear whats on my chest right now and this is best place I can do it! 


Just doing my head in wondering right now arghhh!  I had my MRI last thursday (at a different hospital to my local) and at the time the scanner and doctor there seemed to think my follow up appointment should already be booked! However it's now a week later and nothing still.. I rang them on tues to enquire however only got the answer phone to which my message didnt get answered! this waiting is driving me crazy but I guess they have lots of people to see to! 


Thanks for 'listening' xx

Hi there MAP

When i had my MRI in Dec i didn't get my results until i was admitted for surgery 2 weeks later, i think they discuss results at MDT meeting, then lwt you know what happens next, try not to worry too much as they can't let you wait more than 3 weeks when you have cancer, you have to be seen within 28 days xx

Ring them again and keep ringing would be my advice!

Hey ladies, been back on the phone to them today and still none the wiser. Spoke to my specialist cancer nurse who is going to follow it up for me and let me know by monday latest. Hate that its hanging over my head. But kinda think it can't be bad news if they are leaving me for a bit?! Xx

365 days... I love your blog, nice to read a whole story of someone so thanks!