Hi everyone,


I was diagnosed on 8th May pending further investigations. My MRI has been booked for 22nd May, now my question is how long after my MRI will I be called back to discuss results and further treatment? 


Thanks, Mica.



Hi Mica,

I had my MRI on Wednesday and I'm in on Tuesday to discuss the results - not long and yet a lifetime away lol :)

Thanks for your reply.. the waiting is what im struggling with most! Hope yours is good news. xx

Yep. . . the waiting is driving me nuts! But I'm trying to keep busy with work and decorating, not to mention cleaning, tidying and filling my freezer with food! Thanks - me too. x


When I had my initial MRI it was the Thurs before Christmas, and I was asked if I wanted the results before or after Xmas - like you guys the waiting and not knowing was the hard part so I opted for before.......  Since treatment, I have had 2 MRI's and had the results in a couple of days.  I think it depends on the hospital and the consultant

Good luck, both of you

Thank you :) my MRI is being done at a different hospital to where my gynae team are based, so im guessing it might change timings a bit, but at least I know irs not going to be another long wait. xx

My MRI was also done at a different hospital, but they arranged the appointment to discuss the results before I'd even had the MRI. I read on here that even when you feel that nothing is happening they can be making plans behind the scenes for you.  MRI was no where near as bad as I worried it would be, it was a bit like a Underworld intro :) x