Acting quickly - worried

Hello everyone 

I have posted a few times already so I am sorry to already be a complete mithe but now I am so worried because my hospital trust are moving at lightening speed.

I am extremely grateful for that of course and I say it every time but god bless the NHS. I haven't been staged yet and I have now got myself in a bit of a state worrying that they are moving really fast because they already know it's really bad :( 

just to give you a background I had my colposcopy last Thursday (a week yesterday) and a biopsy was done. On the Saturday I received an appointment for an MRI for today (Friday) On Wednesday I had a phone call to go into the hospital and they confirmed it was CC. Had my MRI this morning and within an hour I had my consultants secretary on the phone to tell me I have appointment on Thursday at 11am so exactly two weeks after my first exam.

please don't think I am moaning I am truly grateful for the speed and the absolute 100% care I have been given but do you think this means that my MRI was just so bad that they need to act fast. 

sorry to be so negative but I feel like I'm dying and I'm terrified:( 


They will act fast whatever stage your cancer is at so I really wouldnt read anything into that. For example, the treatment for early stage cancers are much less radical than the later stages which would require combination chemotherapy and radiation.  They would want to stop your cancer in its tracks even if in the very earliest stages.

You will feel better when you know what you are dealing with and the plan is in place.

Good luck,

Karen x 

Thanks so much for the reassurance and I am so grateful they are acting quickly :) 

just the horrid wait for the stage and treatment plan now. my appointment is with a consultant gynaecologist stupid question but is this normal as I was expecting it to be an oncologist?? 



As I told you I had stage 1 CC. The gynaecologist told me they found cancer in my biopsy on the Weds, on the Friday I saw the Gynacologist Oncologist and on the  Monday I had my operation (cone biopsy). So in less than a week I had been told I had cancer to having the operation, and mine turned out to be stage 1 not requiring chemo/ radio etc. This is just an example of not to focus too much on time frames. 

I know it's very worrying and we read into everything they do, how quick they move, how slow they move, we analyse everything. The most important thing is that they are being incredibly responsive and moving fast on your treatment, which means less waiting and less making yourself anxious. 
Thursday will come around fast and I'm sure once you have answers, you will feel better.

Thinking of you, stay strong!


I think the gynecologist is a good sign. They are probably thinking of surgery which means early stage. If you need chemoradiation that will be prescribed by an oncologist. Although you may well see both at some point.

Karen x 

How you are feeling is completely normal. I certainly had the same thoughts. I am fairly new here too and have been staged at 2B this week after finding out I have CC on 29/10.

I had to wait a month from my MRI for any other appointments so I think it really depends on your area and how quick they can fit you in.


However on the flip side I have had 3 appointments this week and was certain I was dying due to the speed everything has gone. Your team will provide you all the information you need so please try and rest as much as possible and not to worry to much. We are all in this together and if you ever need a chat please feel free to reach out xxx

Thanks so much 

this forum really is a god send.

I am so grateful for the quick actions of the NHS and I'm hoping on Thursday I will have all the information and know what I'm facing instead of filling in the blanks with the worst case scenario.

Just wanted you all to know that taking the time to reply means the world, I am lucky to have a loving supportive family but the support on here from you all that are experiencing or have experienced this is something else!!!

wishing everyone the best xxx


I'm with you ladies in the newly diagnosed club. I felt exactly the same as you before my MRI results although I've realised your mind can be a lot scarier than the reality. Hopefully you will feel better once you get some answers. 
I have my next appointment on Thursday too (following a PET scan due to suspect lymph node involvement) so will keep my fingers crossed for the best outcome for us. I'm pretty sure mine will be chemorads treatment as I'm meeting with an oncologist at the specialist cancer hospital in my area rather than the consultant gynaecologist that I have been seeing at my local hospital. I just want to get cracking with the treatment now as feel like it's been dragging on. X

Sending love to all you ladies.. 

I'm watching back to back Ru Pauls drag race episodes whilst working (or not working hah) from home today. Trying to keep my mind off the appointment tomorrow, I have thouroughly researched my consultant as I haven't met him yet... turns out he is a cancer care specialist so I'm not sure meeting with him Indicates surgery or it's just how it works... especially as I had an appointment before they had even done my MRI?? 

I guess we could all spend all day trying to think through every eventuality (and believe me I do!!) but we have to play the waiting game which I truly believe has been the worst part of all this and I am so grateful my NHS trust has worked so so fast!!  

anyway always here if anyone wants to chat (in between drag queens bitching about padding haha) 

There's no such thing as moaning on here! If you can't come here and offload your fear and anxiety then what's the point of this forum! We all know that fear! We all share it. We can't take it away for you but we can at least send you loving hugs and comfort. 

I've been quite surprised how quick things have moved. Partly I think it's because they can do something! So take heart! The sooner they start your treatment, the sooner it's likey to work. 

It's terrifying when things happen quickly and its terrifying when you're left waiting and worrying. I hope you get nothing but good news and soon xxxx