MRI scan for Thursday

Hi all

I posted for the first time last week after being newly diagnosed with cc but nit sure what stage!!

Today I had my first appointment after my bigger biopsy ladt Monday, still not sure what stage although my consultant said 1b, but to be completely sure Im having MRI scan on Thursday this week.....I feel upset as I'm still no better off today regarding staging and I'm sick with worry.....I'm convinced I only have months to live and am panicking daily about it all, I do have lots of support but I'm finding it hard to stay positive.....did anyone else feel like this?? :(

Consultants are pretty spot on with staging. so go with 1b! I didn't have a clue about my stage until after surgery, and only because I asked. I couldn't understand how everyone seemed to know prior to treatment but I guess different hospitals work differently. Hang on in there, you are at 'season ticket at the hospital' stage. everything that needs to be done and put in place for you is chugging along. 


HI there

consultants are usually pretty accurate with staging, particularly after biopsies.  I would say there is a very, very good chance you will be 1B if that's what they are telling you, however I know how scary it is until you have a definite answer.  What I will say is that the NHS is generally superb and moves incredibly quickly (although staging feels like an age when you are going through it personally).  You will have a dignosis and a treatment plan very soon and you will feel SO much better.  The waiting is genuinely the worst part.  

Hang on in there, try to distract yourself and keep throwing all of your questions and worries on here x  Hope all goes well with MRI hun and you are all sorted soon.  it's not the same for everyone but I was 1B1 and from diagnosis to being gven the all clear it took 6 weeks...


I was told 1b1 initially and the MRI confirmed that.  I had a Wertheims Hysterectomy and luckily didnt need chemo or radiotherapy as there was no spread.  Here I am 2 years later and all my check ups have been clear.

Take comfort in stories like mine, we all felt like you in the early days but got through it and are here to tell the tale!

You'll feel a lot better when the staging is confirmed and you have a treatment plan.

Big hugs,


Hi there, I'm in the same ish boat as you.... It's really hard and it sounds like your feeling the same as I do.... I was convinced that I'm facing a horror brick wall in front of me with the fact that i have cancer am going to die a lot sooner, months at the worst or a few years. I have had some relief tho that my MRI came back clear and my CT looks promising but not confirmed yet. Good news tho a MRI is a lot finer picture than a CT scan and clearer! Nothing was picked up in mine so it is promising that it has not spread. I had my cone biopsy today but told not out of the woods yet.

So I guess I'm trying to say if your like me... And panic, stress... And have All those yucky fears, I've had the crazy shakes on lol. Try and distract youself to give your self a break... I used rescue remedy which helped( even if it doesn't do anything it gave me the placebo affect) hahaha I'm no hippie but to get relief I'm willing to try stuff. At night trying to get to sleep is hard, so I put ear phones on and listen to YouTube healing meditations( chakra healing, Louise hay meditations or just calming music). And affirmations are helping me when the panic hits hard I say right I'm Gunna flick a switch in my head... I have this bloody thing but it's just a thing and I'm going to beat this no matter what the results are. As it can happen!! Just look at the ladies stories on here:). I think also we think of the worst case scenario in our heads to kind of self prepare and then freak out. Take deep breaths and be kind to yourself in this stressful time.  But your not alone and this is a great place for questions and words of support and wisdom.

 Haha sisters have got to stick together, try and be brave but it's okay to have a melt down too let's hope and pray all is well for you and me and everyone else!!

Big hugs to u 

Thank you Ladies your support really does mean a great deal and it does help me, although I do still have my moments, until I've had the MRI and CT scan I think I'm still going to panic and think the worst.....I am trying to keep busy with work and normal day to day things but with all the support and lovely messages on here makes it easier and I now know I can ask you ladies anything that's bothering me :) thank you all.....Kelly x