What happens now

Good evening ladies

well I'm typing feeling quite calm having had a bit of a day. Had been booked in for colposcopy on Friday but went up today to ask some questions and when they could see how upset I was they did it there.

nurse seemed worried so got the specialist. The nurse had said it looked like stage 3 potentially however once the consultant looked and felt around she said that looks wise it could be a one or two as quite localised obviously staging may change this.  Just wondering and I know it sounds crazy but if I should believe the consultant given what the nurse said? I know it will depend on the scans but given what the nurse initially said in really hoping to take some comfort from what consultant said.


also what now? She explained but I was too spaced to take it in. She mentioned pet and Mri scan I think.


is it crazy ladies but I had prepared to be told I had a day to live or something and whilst that still may happen speaking to the consultant and at least knowing that I can start fighting has helped and one bit of the waiting in limbo is over.


thanks Kimmy 

Big hugs firstly xxx what a horrible day and no when you are in that situation all sorts of things go through your mind.  I think I was in shock at first as I couldn't sleep eat etc. The waiting is definitely the worst part. Once you know what treatment plan you have you will feel better, try and keep busy in the meantime.  I am whilst waiting and it's helping.  

My opinion is that the Consultant would have a far more trained eye than the nurse and possibly was inappropriate for her to tell you her thoughts anyway.  Try to take comfort in what the consultant said. Did they take biopsies? Big hugs again I hope you have plenty of support from friends and family and this site is amazing so many kind people so you came to the right place.


Ps Stay away from google I did it and spent evenings crying and feeling depressed, which doesn't do anyone good.



Hi I would definitely focus more on what the consultant had to say than the nurse. He will have much more accurate knowledge on staging I would imagine. So sorry about your diagnosis, I'm a stage 2b girl and I had a pet scan and an mri. Pet scan can detect even the smallest of cancer cells anywhere in the body, the mri will give then dimensions on for staging in relation to all your organs etc. I agree not to Google the staging or cancer in general but I did Google these tests and find out exactly why they do then etc. Running joke in my family is I could be an oncologist now I have stacked away so much info lol but nothing that scared me just the facts about scans or procedures so I knew what I was facing. When you say having a feel around what did the consultant do? 


Take care

Charlene xx

Hi Kimmy :-)

Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry that you have had to come and find us here but this is without a doubt the best place to be and the others are right, leave Google well alone! Just like Charlene, I was a 2b, though because I am in Greece and not UK I had X-rays and CT scans not PET nor MRI.

I am really sorry that the nurse gave you such a fright, it really isn't her place to say such things. I think it highly unlikely that a consultant would down-play to your face what he really thinks, because then he would have to go through all the delicate work of gently taking you back up there again later on. Proper oncology consultants tend to deal only in known facts and will do rigorous tests before coming to a staging conclusion. The waiting is the worst part but you are in the system now and they will move as quickly as they are able. Things will be so much better once you have your staging and your treatment plan but in the meantime will you allow me to assure you that you have very much longer than a day to live :-)

Be lucky :-)


Hi Kimmy,

I totally get the worrying and convincing yourself of the worst. I've been in a dark place if you read my other post.

I would definitely listen to the consultant over the nurse though it's hard when you hear things.


When is your next appointment? X

Hi sweet pea

ive been following how things are going for you and my heart goes out to you. I am hoping that I can find out soon what's going on so I can hopefully start fighting. I'm trying to focus on starting to eat healthy vitamins etc and make myself strong but equally I get very dark and just have a feeling I'm going to be getting the worst news possible.

ive convinced myself it's very very bad but I'm not sure if that's me knowing my body and being right or me being negative to prepare, can anyone relate? 

Also does anyone second guess and read things into what nurses etc say? After a chat with the nurse that did my colposacpy I feel very dark.

my heart And thoughts go out to you and I suppose it's only about moving forward and keeping strong (Easy said harder done I know)

no no app yet but should get biopsy results soon hopefully.

please keep in touch sweetpea


I felt  that it was going to be the worst outcome,  and although I don't yet know how bad it is I know it's not stage 4. People said to me it's just a way of being happy when it's not the worst,  but I felt as you did - that my mind must know. 

I know I should be getting healthy,  but I'm either not hungry or reaching for convenience. I'm physically drained from the emotional toll and cooking is the last thing I want to do. I know this needs to change.  Am taking vitamins though. 

I can't comment on the second guessing as no-one said anything to me! Felt so in the dark. I'm sure it's fairly common though. 

When did you have your biopsy? I got a call Wednesday afternoon with an appointment for Thursday afternoon when I was told. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer. Have you got friends and family around?

Thanks - I've been following you too. I'll post later when I have more info from the oncologist. When the nurse said I probably wouldn't have surgery I got hopeful that I might be able to have another child but after some googling (I've been avoiding doing that as mich as poss) I know that will be impossible :( xx

Good luck today Sweetpea. Let us know how you get on.

Rachel x