Abnormal side effects after LLETZ

I just wondered if anyone would be able to give me some peace of mind or reassurance.
I went for a loop biopsy 3 days ago for treatment on CIN2 cells. All in all the procedure was not too bad and I felt fine after.
On the day of biospy I experienced the slightest amount of bleeding but the day after I experienced something really strange.
It honestly felt like I had wet myself (that is literally the only was I can describe it). I had been sitting for quite some time at work and when I stood up I just felt this sort of gush of water.
I went to the toilet thinking I had started bleeding but it was just clear liquid. It had no smell and no real colour. So I wasn’t sure if it was discharge or if I had actually passed urine.
This has been happening every day since and mainly happens when I wake in the morning. But today it happened whilst I was out shopping. Luckily I was wearing a pad but I still felt embarrassed. Sorry to be graphic but when I dispose of my pad it looks a straw colour. Which then makes me panic that it could be urine. Also I had a UTI prior to my biopsy and I am now worries that something could be wrong.
I know it’s only been a few days but it’s really getting me down. Had anyone else experienced anything like this?

I called the colposcopy clinic and they said it doesn’t sound normal and to phone my GP but they told me to call back Monday to see a female GP.

Any feedback would be really helpful

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I had about a week or so of very watery discharge. It was clearish coloured liquid. 

I wouldn't say mine 'gushed' out, but it was definitely quite wet and annoying :/


Hi, I'm glad I'm not alone as I have the same procedure last Thursday.  I too bled for a couple of days and now have the same watery discharge.  I do think it's not as bad as it was.  X

Hi all,

        I had this procedure done back in january and had leaking afterwards i got advice and was told that it was quite possibly the dye injected that was leaking. I then wemt a week and a half without bleeding x

You’re not alone! I have been soaking my pants as if I wet myself the last four days. Had it five days ago!