HELP please... :(

I had colcoscopy two week one day ago where i under wents loop treatment and part of cervix taken away for biopsys. Im sposed to have had my period by noe but thay hasnt arrived. I keep losing water although its trickling out! I kerp losing fresh blood then pink blood and now ive got a strong yellow coloured discharge. Ive nt bad bathj sex tampon use etc ...advise!

Plus any advise on result times???


I had lots of watery yellow discharge for ages (like, three or four weeks!).  I didn't have an infection or anything and I am healing slowly.

I think it's normal.

I also think it's normal for periods to be messed around a bit.

The colp clinic will definitely speak to you though if you are worried.

I got my results by letter after three weeks.

Libby x

After my LLETZ I had a clear/yellow watery discharge for about 3-4 weeks.  I did get an infection which changed the smell of the discharge and I had 1 noght with a lot of blood loss but it was watery before that as well.  If you're worried call your doctor or the clinic, they might want to have a look and make sure you're healing fine, but a watery discharge is I think quite normal.

My results were back after 4 1/2 weeks.

Hi all I have a few similar problems had my biopsy done which I found to be very painful ended up having a week off with painkillers then has my lletz procedure this Monday afternoon -3 days ago I started with watery discharge and every time I went for a pee it really hurt my back and of course downstairs similar to that of a urine infection, it's still on going as well as immense pain in my lower abdomen similar to period pain but continuous since Monday and gets worse if I stand or sit up. Today after lunch time I went to the toilet and there was a large gush of fresh red blood with a few small clots, it's now continued and I'm getting through a pad at least every hour at the same rate I can still feel it trickling- sorry for details along with abdomen pain mainly on the left side. I haven't done anything strenuous and have been off work since Monday so haven't over done it :/ I phoned the dpctor who did my procedire and she said if it got worse to go to a and e, idi nt know if anyone else had a similar problem I don't want to waste hospital time of its something that happens normally but still in pain and loosing fresh red blood :( x

Hi lilfallenangel andStace

i had my lletz procedure 3 weeks ago and i have had the same sort of things happen that you are both talking about. when i had my big bleed i freeked out, of course it didnt help that i was in the shower at the time so a little blood looks like loads. i rang my gyno and they said basically the same thing to go to a and e they also told me if i could to go to my GP . i would advise to go to your GP, i did and by the time i got an appointment about 2 hours later the bleeding had all but stopped just the watery blood that your talking about. After speaking to my friend who has also gone through this procedure i found out that this also happened to her. i think its just all part and pacel of it.

i have just finished being in pain (touch wood) after 3 weeks but i would say if the pain is more than period pains go see your GP. 

As an after thought if your really worried and cant get in to your GP ring NHS direct 111. I would say leave A and E till last as it is at least a 4 hour waitting period at least that is at my hospital.

Hope you both feel better soon