Strange After Effects of Colposcopy

Hi there,

I had my Colposcoy  and Lletz treatment on Monday afternoon, first one from hige grade smear.

Feeling generally fine, little bit of period type pain, but I wondered whether anyone had experienced  bladder weakness afterwards?Lletz was done uder local, but I seem to keep leaking a liquid that I can only assume is urine. This morning when I woke up my underwear was damp - not a full bladder release by any means, but distinctly damp and I had been to the loo in the middle of the night.

No discharge, no discolouration, not really an odour. Confused! Thought I'd ask here if anyone else experienced the same, if its not improved by the weekend I'll go to the docs.

I had thought that I feel conscious of not 'squeezing' down there and perhaps I am sub-consiously relaxing my muscles too much in my aim to heal asap??!

I am actually laughing at myself as I write this!

(Oh and I'm 34, no kids so its not a generic bladder issue - I hope!)

Thanking you ladies,

Ellie-cat xx



Hi Ellie-cat

I'm 24 and had my first colposcopy and lletz on 29th Jan. Found procedure absolutely fine.  Dr said local would be worst part and sting but I didn't even feel that!  Had period like pain for 3 days and a little bloody discharge but no proper bleeding like the horror stories you hear.  I was advised to wear a pad for around 4 weeks which is usually how long this "dampness" takes to disappear.  I am not sure what it is either not discharge, no odour and I'm pretty sure its not urine but on the plus side its normal I guess.  I seem to be needing a wee around 3 times more than I usually would and am hoping this too dies down!

Hope this helps


I had lletz on 28th and i keep getting the watery stuff :(

Oh thanks both for coming back to me, its great to know its normal. I guess having had infections in the past I was expecting the discharge to be more substantial than the watery thing that it is so i presumed it was something else.

Glad yours went well too, nice to not have had a bad experience or lots of pain. Here's to the results, good luck to both of you :)

Back to the lovely pads it is then!

Thanks again


Hi...I had the watery thing also, but then a week after, the bleeding started. Nothing I cant handle, but it was very bright (obviously fresh bleeding) so I went to GP, got antibiotics as directed by colposcopist. I have been bleeding ever since, seemingly it is just taking time to heal. Im not wishing to alarm anyone with this ...I just wanted to reassure you that if you do  start to bleed after the watery thing subsides, its nothing to worry about. We all heal at different rates. The last few days, it has subsided and I feel for the first time that I can go to the loo and move about without disturbing the wound and starting it all off again, so it looks like Im over the worst of it.

Got my results through today ladies and I am so pleased and relieved to say CIN3 confirmed as they expected and all adnormal cells removed with repeat smear in 6 months :-) Hoping your results are just a good. Xx