Abnormal results

Hi all I am new to this page but I'm going out my head with worry,, I am 25 and a mum to 4 beautiful little boys... I had a smear 4 weeks ago (which is my first) I begged my gyno over a year ago for one but was refused as was too young but was bleeding after sex and pain while having sex then I fell pregnant with my fourth son who is now 5months old... my smear has come back abnormal and high grade I'm going to the hospital tomorrow for a colscopy (sorry if not spelt right!) but the last two times me and my husband have have had sex I'm in real pain the day after and start spot bleeding... I have worked myself up in to a rift state and feel like no one understands me at all ☹️️

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so stressed out. It's completely understandable, anything abnormal sounds scary. But the reality is that having high-grade abnormalities does not mean you have cervical cancer, just that there have been some cell changes that need investigating. However, you have an appointment to get it all checked out, which is good. Hopefully you will know more tomorrow and feel a lot better.

The information section of the website has lots of info about the colposcopy and what to expect at the appointment, esentially it is like having a smear test, except that the gynaecologist/nurse takes a much closer look at your cervix through a microscope (which stays outside your body) and if they see any abnormalities they use a vinegar solution to see/understand the cells better. Sometimes they carry out a procedure to remove the cells, but they will talk to you about that if that is what they intend to do.

Good luck for tomorrow x