Smear detected abnormal cells (children mentioned)

i had a smear done about 3 weeks ago and have just received a letter saying i have abnormal cells im only 27 i have a gorgeous wee boy and a partner of ten years i CANT leave them some advise plz any one? Xxx


Hi Chez, please take a deep breath and remember that your position is not particularly uncommon at all and is almost certainly nothing to worry about. J I’m 27 too and received that very letter in just February….It came as a great shock to me and caused lots of anxiety (which in hindsight was not needed). I went for a routine smear, no symptoms of a problem and just expected a normal result like I had during my 1st smear at age 24. Was this your 1st smear? My letter stated that my smear showed high grade changes and I was booked for a colposcopy within the week. I panicked like a crazy woman and could only focus on the negatives, despite my Mum and a couple of others I know having had the same results and subsequent treatment previously and then experiencing no further issues. Does the letter say whether the abnormalities shown were low or high grade? The colposcopy was not traumatic at all (I was relieved to be getting a good looking at) haha. The Dr identified the high grade changes during that appointment and agreed to do the treatment there and then. (I believe not all NHS trusts work on this basis of treating straightaway though). I had a loop excision treatment which in all honesty was fine and completely manageable. You may not even need treatment though if the colposcopy shows little or low grade changes. If you want to discuss anything further, don’t hesitate to private message me and I will answer anything I can based on my own experiences and the copious amounts of research I have done since receiving that very letter you have!! xx


Ohhh thankyou so much for replying as you know my heads just not with it today finding hard to concentrate on much else. No the letter has just stated that there are changes which require further investigation. After reading your msg my mind has been put at ease, i have been googling etc aswell. Thanku for msging back it seems to be a small comfort that someone has been in my situation thanks again xx




No problem at all….I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. There are sooo many women who have been in your situation. It really is impossible to focus on anything else and that’s not likely to change until you’ve had your appointment but I left my appointment feeling much better and reassured….My mum and I even went for a glass of wine on the way home from the hospital because we were feeling so relieved after all the pent up anxiety! Haha. As I said, my letter stated high grade changes specifically so yours may just be referring to a borderline or mild result. The biopsy which the lab tested after my loop excision was only CIN 2 (which are moderate changes) after my smear had suggested severe (CIN 3) changes so it was “downgraded”, if you like. Have you had your appointment date through for your colposcopy yet? Hope you haven’t got too long to wait.




Just to put into perspective how common coloposcopies are, my mother-in-laws sister works on reception at our local hospital and she says they run 3 clinics a week which are always full and is the busiest clinic there! xxx  


Thanx vickyp, its my 2nd smear i think. You know what , i feel lyk teeling every woman out there to plzzzz keep up with there smears, its soooo important to think oh it cant happen to me, i had put it off for sooo long and im really thankful for getting it done. What would ov happened if i didnt go, down the line my son would be motherless and my partner friends and family would have lost me. Just so scary. This has really put things into perspective i have to say. My apps not till the 30th but have phoned and left msg and asked if thres anything sooner its gonna b a lonnng month xxx


Yes it definitely opens your eyes and reminds you to be conscious about your health and to look after yourself…It looks as though you haven’t been marked for an urgent referral if you’re having to wait over 2 weeks for your appointment so that would reassure me if I were you but yes keep trying to get in earlier. As I said my Mum has had the same treatment as me but for CIN 3, a 27yr old girl that my mum works with had the treatment at Xmas, the girl at the beauty salon I go to (aged 25) has recently been for a colposcopy and her best friend (also 25yrs) had the treatment I had and a couple of my friends have other friends who have been for colposcopies plus a lady I work with (and her mum) so if you just ask around it really isn’t unusual….I guess these types of things don’t often get spoken about and that’s why it feels like a lonely place when you receive that letter. You’ve done the right thing in having a smear and are being pro-active so that you can remain fit and healthy for your boy and your partner! J If you have any wobbles or worries, please get in touch. xxx