Abnormal smear result

Hi, I am 33 years old and on the 30/1/17 I went for my first ever smear test after having 7 periods in 3 months. 2 weeks later I received a call from the nurse to advise the results were abnormal and I was being referred for a colposcopy. I recieved my appointment (24/2/17) and I am now having a major meltdown. I know lots of women get abnormal results and they may require laser treatment etc but it isn't necessarily cervical cancer. My dear is that as this was my first smear test, these abnormal cells could have developed to cancer by now. Would I have been advised by now that they had detected cancerous cells at the smear (if this was the case) or would they wait until my colposcopy? I have 3 beautiful daughters 16,14 and 3 who I would be leaving behind as well as my amazing husband. (I know that sounds morbid but I can't help think this is going to be bad news) I should also mention that I am experiencing lower back pain and pelvic cramping during periods which I have never experienced before.

Hi Pickles :)

I think you're the same as everyone else in your situation in thinking that it's going to be bad news (we all seem to think the worst!) but when I was waiting for my colposcopy results, I read online that only about 1 in every 1000 people who get sent for a colposcopy get diagnosed with cervical cancer so hopefully that will make you feel more positive. 

Perhaps you could try ringing the nurse that you spoke to to ask if any cancerous cells have been detected if it's worrying you so much, but I'm not sure if they will give you results over the phone.

Even if they do find cervical cancer (which hopefully won't happen), it's a very treatable type of cancer. I'd been stressing about the results of my lymph node removal and was convinced that I would be told that the cancer had spread to my nodes but I was told today that they were clear so it just shows that everyone expects bad news and often, they'll get good news :)


I'm in a similar situation. I had my 1st smear in 10 years a few weeks ago which has come back as high grade dyskaryosis! I'm going for a colposcopy on the 22nd Feb and am terffied! I'm 31 and have been married for 18 months, we have just started trying from a family. I'm so scared that this could have been undetected from years and what that means to me and my family! Fingers  crossed u wont need to wait long for ur colposcopy, the unknown is frightening and if u need to chat I'm here x X 

Hi Jenny :-)

thank you for your reply and positive words. I'm glad you are now in remission and doing well. Trying hard to stay positive and keep my mind of it (working shedloads) although as a nurse this isn't always the best place to be lol just glad I'm a psychiatric nurse and don't deal with the physical Ill health very much :-) I have another 4 day wait and hopefully I will get some answers. 




Hi NellyBetty

sorry to hear you are going through this too. I hope you get all the right answers on Wednesday - mines is Friday :-( it must be a difficult time for you and your new husband. I've been married 13 years this march and am lucky to have such an amazing and supportive husband. My 16 year old found my letter from hospital so she now is freaking out thinking I'm going to diagnosed so I think the reassurance I'm giving to her is helping me cope lol 


good luck, let me know how u get on and if you need anything give me a shout x

I've just had my first smear too (aged 35 - stupid, I know) and now waiting to have colposcopy this Thursday after CIN3 diagnosis.  Have either of you heard anything yet or still waiting? The waiting is the hardest bit! xxx