Abnormal bleeding 5 months after LLETZ for CIN2, GP says polyp?

Hi all, I'm new to this forum but am driving myself mad googling things so thought I'd ask people who may have experienced similar...


I had my first smear in April (I'm 25 with 2 children), this came back as mild dyskaryosis so was sent for Colposcopy. At the Colposcopy and from Biopsys in June I was told I had high grade pre cancerous cells and to come back for LLETZ, which I did. That all was fine and my results came back saying it was CIN2 and margins were clear, I was to have 6 monthly smears and results of them and HPV testing would decide regularity of future smears..


Anyway, 5 months on and for the past 6 weeks I have literally bled most of the time, worse after sex and always frech red colour that doesnt ease. I went to see my GP who did a pelvic examination and said she could see a growth which may just be a polyp, but referred me for a Colposcopy to get it checked. Anyway, during the past week I have been experiencing period like cramps and pain in my back and hips :\ I know I may just be over thinkign things but I am just wondering if anyone else has experience this? I'm not sure how long polyps take to form as they didnt see one in June :\


Any advice would be great


Thanks x