So so worried please anybody!

Hi just abit of history
2020 had routine smear which ended in having lletz for cin3.

2021 6 month follow up. No hpv found. Back to 3 yearly.

2023 started bleeding after sex around a few days before period like a lot of blood everywhere. Visited gp found out I had pcos but she referred me straight to colposcopy as I wasn’t due my smear. Saw the consultant who had done my lletz procedure who had a look at everything said all fine the bleeding was prob down to my pcos diagnosis. Her words which I’ll never forget was I can see a little rose from doing the procedure previous :woman_shrugging:
Over moon everything ok. Bleeding after sex continues only at time of period due not at any other time!!
2024 routine smear comes around. Nurse says she can see a polyp but to wait for smear results to come through first and that it could be scarring from the lletz procedure . Smear test result -
**** no hpv found. Then the nurse rings me saying I’m going to refer you to colposcopy to have a look because from the polyp I saw and you did bleed when I did your smear . No 2ww so now haven’t got an appointment till 16th may.

I’m honestly at my wits end I’m thinking all sorts. Did the colposcopy miss something and now it’s advanced.
I don’t have any strange discharge. But I do have back ache . Obv bleeding about 2-3 days before period is due. I just have this feeling deep down something’s been missed and it’s gunna be too late.

@Jadehowitt18 sorry to hear your going through this, it’s terrible not knowing what’s going on and also knowing in yourself something isn’t right!

I’ve not been through your experience, I’ve only recently had the LLETZ for cin3 but I didn’t want to read and leave!

I think take it as a positive that your HPV negative at least! Maybe see if you can get on the cancellation list too and ring the hosptial and explain your worried and if it’s possible if there’s any cancellations before 16th may that you’d like the appointment sooner, to try and help your worry!

Sorry that theres not much more I can offer in terms of advice but hopefully someone else with similar experience comments on this feed to assist! Fingers crossed that everything is ok for you! :crossed_fingers:t4::heartpulse: