Anxious wait

Hi, not sure where to begin, i had cin 2 removed about 8 years ago via lletz. Every smear since has been normal. My 3 yearly smear was at the end of last month , ive been having bleeding on and off for a year, lower back pain, pelvic pain, and nausea and bleeding after having a bowel movement. At my smear i bled and the nurse found a polyp. Im so scared in case its something nasty, waiting for my results is killing me and waiting for app to have polyp looked at but cant see that coming anytime soon. Guess i was just wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar?

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Hello, I had LLETZ for CIN3 and CGIN 1 year ago but I had 2 polyps removed 1 in 2014 second 2018, they are easy to remove mine were in the inside part of the cervix towards my uterus it was done very quickly and 0 pain both times with just the next day feeling tired but that is about it. The polyps were both times checked for cancer and both times negative I was told that they have to check but that cancer from polyps is extremely extremely rare. Before my polyps were removed my bleeding during period was quite heavy sometimes a symptom of the polyps. I hope you get answers soon about your bleeding and feel better soon take care

Thank you for your reply x