Bleeding months post LLETZ

Hello all,
Newbie here! Il just explain my experience before I ask my question.
At the beginning of October 2023 I went for my routine smear. 2-3 weeks later I received a text message to say I had an appointment at gynae for a colposcopy the next day. Understandably, I freaked out as this was the first I’d heard of anything and all I could think was it was something to do with my smear. A long story short I spoke to my doctor and was informed I was HPV positive and had abnormal cells. I was told I had to go and have a colposcopy and if needed a LLETZ. I was so anxious but the consultant explained it all to me, I also signed consent forms to have the treatment there and then. During my examination I watched the screen and to my horror I saw all the cells glowing on my cervix. I had the procedure, biopsies etc and was told she thought it was CIN2. I need to explain also that I have a coil fitted which is due to be changed this July but they managed to tuck the strings out the way and then pull them back down after.
I Rested for a few days and then returned to work. I may have over done it and ended up having an awful - very scary - bleed that I couldn’t stop. Panicked I called for advice and went to A and E. I was told I had an infection and had 2 lots of antibiotics.
After this treatment I seemed to be recovering and I received my results weeks later. My results said carcinoma in situ or as I now know is CIN3.
If you have got this far I am very grateful as now I need some advice!
So, I have had episodes of spotting and bleeding. Some times have been after intercourse even though I was not in pain. It would sometimes last for a day or sometimes a few days. I obviously am concerned and I’ve been to see my doctor. She wasn’t sure if this was due to treatment or the fact that my coil is due to be changed (I have had nothing like this or any periods whilst having the coil until I had this procedure). She spoke with gynae to ask advice and I’ve since been to colposcopy, they couldn’t see any cells after applying the chemical. I have also had an ultrasound last week that as far as I’m aware is clear. The consultant has booked me in for a smear with herself so she can be “more thorough and go higher up”. But my question is, has anybody else been in a similar situation? Can anyone help me try and understand and not freak out!
Thank you so much for reading, I hope to hear from you all soon :heart:

Hi. I am in a similar position. I had 1st lletz in September that result was cc stage 1a1. 2nd lettz in November that result was cin3 HPV positive. Since then my periods have gone wild. Missed 2 then had a heavy one for 7 days then this one I am now on has lasted 12 days light then heavy again and again. I am due back in colposcopy in 3 weeks for my 6 month check up but I am sure something is not quite right.

Hey, thanks for your reply!
I have heard it can mess up your periods so maybe that is why?
I think we can’t help but fear the worse and just worry in general!
I hope your appointment goes ok, I go back on the 23rd. Just want it over and have answers x

Hi. Brain goes crazy waiting. I now take prescription medication for anxiety from my GP. It is a very difficult situation to deal with. My medication works wonders. Calms me down. If you are struggling don’t think twice about seeking help. Help is out there.x Good luck.

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Aw thank you, I have been on antidepressants for years! It definitely helps :heart: all the best to you too x