A reassuring story following CIN3 abnormal cells

Hi all,

I thought I would write this post to help any nervous ladies who have had abnormal cell results.

3 months ago I got a letter telling me I have CIN3. I freaked out. I had no idea what this meant. Did I have cancer?! I read the internet high and low and worried myself stupid. My friend is a doc, so I asked her hundreds of questions but basically she told me not to worry. A VERY low % of people with CIN3 or less have CC.

I had my colposcopy 4 weeks later, which made me think they weren’t too worried.

During the session, I asked so many questions. The main one being ‘can you see cancer’ to which she said she didn’t think so. That was a relief.

I then had the wait to find out if it was CIN3 and if i was to have LLETZ, which I was to have. It really was fine. No real pain and staff were amazing. Off I went.

No bleeding, no mega discharge, just some pinky watery leaking but then I got a bladder infection. Apparently not related but I probably didn’t go to the loo as much as I should have cause I was scared. This was awful! But took my mind off the LLETZ results. Antibiotics for me.

2 weeks after the heavy bleeding started…I had had spotting but nothing worrying. No bad smelling discharge or anything.

The bleeding didn’t stop and I ended up in a&e. I was fainting due to blood lose. All the while I was panicking- was this a sign the cancer has started? & spread??

5 days of antibiotics & blood thickening tabs and the bleeding had slowed. Then, on the final night of antibiotics the bleeding was starting again. WAS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING?

Back to the gyno I went. My period had started and knocked the scab off. So I was re cauterised and sent on my way.

This final step happened yesterday (13th Dec) and today I got a letter to say that my CIN3 had been removed and I was to go back in 6 months for a checked up.

It’s been a hellish experience and I’ve suffered everything possible. If you take anything for this, it’s not to panick. It’s such a scary time but you are in great hands.



Hi Rachaeljane88,

I’m so grateful to have found your post. I had my biopsy on 25th November after being told I had HPV with boarderline changes from a smear in the summer. Got my results, and it has come back CIN3. I’m freaking out that they will find cancer, that I won’t heal, that my life will never been the same again… etc etc. But so many websites have positive information such a the low % of CIN3 that actually progresses, or that LLETZ is 9/10 times successful. I can’t seem to keep a level head and think of the positives.

Great to hear you are through the worst of it and have rid CIN3 :blush: