Cin3 cc symptoms


Just to give some back ground first: I had a routine smear which showed borderline changes-shown to then be CIN3 after a colposcopy.

I am awaiting LLETZ, but feel extremely anxious as I have symptoms of cervical cancer and have read I shouldn’t have symptoms for CIN3.

One symptom is that I bleed intermittently despite not having periods and have been for 2 weeks now-it ranges in colours and is only when I wipe,it can be unpleasant smelling too.

I feel I am ticking all the boxes for cancer and my appt isn’t for another 3 weeks-does anyone know if docs can request a sooner appt? Or if I’m just overthinking this?

I have read LLETZ is the next stage to check and diagnose for cancer-is this correct?

I feel like I’m going mad-any advice would be much appreciated


Firstly welcome to the forum, I’m also new and have found a lot of advice and support through it.
I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. Unfortunately, I can’t answer the questions you’ve asked as I’ve only just had a biopsy at colposcopy following an abnormal smear result and waiting now for results, but you can have bleeding for a number of reasons. Try not to look on Google too much as I find it can make us more anxious.
Try and stay positive. Sending hugs your way x

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