A bit unsettling

hi ladies

some of you may know that I had treatment for 2b cc last year/early this year and had 25 radi sessions, 6 cisplatin sessions and 19 hours of pulsed rate brachytherapy ( my tumour was 6.8cm and a swelled lymph node but they werent sure if it was live so they zapped it anyway)at my first scan at 3 months I had what the dr said was a complete result - a normal scan and he was very encouraged by it.

then my 6 month peek at the cervix and a bit of feeling around , again my dr was saying all looked as it should.

i voiced my concerns that I was still getting a bit of discharge, even after 6 months, but she said not to be concerned as all looked well

i dilate quite regularly now, at least twice a week with no problems , if l leave it any longer I do get a bit of pink residue , but mainly it’s absolutely fine.

anyway, this Saturday, I dilated as normal and when I took the dilator out (I apaologise in advance for the following!) I had this slimy gel on the dilator , consistancy  mucus when you get a cold and sort of slightly beige coloured.

iI ras a bit freaked out so I wiggled the pink peril inside again and there was a bit more on the dilator.  - no smell whatsoever I add.

ive had nothing since and I’ve had a discharge all the way through since treatment so I’m not concerned about that as the dr wasn’t at my last appointment 

im due my 9 month checkup on 5th November , and now I don’t know whether to speak to her then or phone tomorrow.

the other thing that worries me is that I’ve not had any scans since my 3 month post treatment checkup.

how oftetn do you have scans as well?

sorry about the long post but just wanting a bit of advice xx

Hi Mousehouse,

I can completely understand your concerns. Anything that reminds us of symptoms pre-diagnosis or something nee happens it's only natural to worry. 

I don't have an answer as to what it may be as I haven't experienced it (bleeding yes, mucous/discharge no) however I suggest calling. I'm not sure what the set up is where you are but I know where I am I can call my nurse anytime. If you're worried call, if they're not concerned it will ease your mind and if they are it will be addressed and that will also ease your mind in a sense.

I have made some pretty ridiculous calls over the last couple of years but it has always helped in the end!

Keep us posted ❤


Spoke to my nurse specialist, she was not concerned- the jelly like mucus is not overly unusual either!

as I’ve had the discharge for so long, and it’s mainly after dilation, she says some women experience this, but unless it gets worse, or I’m feeling unwell, then not to worry and if I do feel unwell or there is something wrong, then call to bring the appointment forward.

so. Feel a bit more settled.