1st check up and no clear answer

Hello ladies hope you are all well.

I havent been on this in a while as I have busy studying at uni.

Treatment finished 4th Sept. stage 2b. Brachy, chemorads
I had my 1st check today and have left really confused and disapointed. The doc could not tell if my cancer had gone. He could not tell me if it was tumour that was there or infection. He said my cervix was hard and that what ever was there was smaller than 2cm. He seemed really pleased by what he saw although he could not tell if it was gone? I have been having discharge a couple of month now that look the same as before my diagnosis, the doc reckons that this may be infection thats causing my cervix to be hard. Although I had swabs taken at my GP and they came back clear.
I was given a 2 week course of strong antibiotics and told to go back in three month. I feel I am back to square 1 with the waiting games. I dont understand why i can’t go back in 2 weeks after the antibiotics. He said that when I go back in three month it could be away .
Could anyone tell me if this happend to them? Or tell me does treatment still work this long after it has finished?
Thanks for reading.
Love and hugs to you all
Tracy xxxxxxxx

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Hi Tracy,
I go for my 1st check up tomorrow, which I am dreading:( Anyway I saw my nurse speacialist on 29th Oct and she said that when I go it may be that if he feels something there and it’s not all gone I will see him again in 3 months? Like you I was like what? So what does this mean? She said I will probably have a scan in Dec so did they not mention a scan to you? I am so hoping when I go tomorrow that there is nothing there but I dont know if I feel ok cause I’m better or because all the treatment is finished. It’s such a horrendous thing going through all of this. I am even dreading the examination tomorrow even after all the stuff I’ve had to go through something like that makes me anxious. I know the treatment continues to work up to 8 weeks after but not sure after that. It is like your left in limbo. I hope you get some answers soon.
How are u feeling within yourself? I think the mental side of this is harder than the physical.
Good luck.

Hi Tracy!

I just had my first 3 month check up yesterday and got the same result. They have seen two bright patches on the MRi and are unsure if it's still the radiotherapy still working or if it's persistant cancer cells. They are giving me a PET scan on Saturday so they will be able to tell more.

Got to love the waiting game...



Hi Tracey and Kim,

just wanted to say "hi" and would like to follow your thread if thats ok as I will soon be where you are i.e. end of treatment but waiting to get those 2 little words we all dream of.  Though positive throughout treatment (mostly), I know I'm going to struggle with the wait, and whether I feel emotionally stable enough to pick up my life (as it was before treatment) whilst waiting for those results! I'm interested in the issue of how long chemo/rad stays in your system and carries on working and was only thinking about it this morning.  My last chemo is tomorrow and it scares me a bit that if it hasn't done its worst then something could start growing, mestatasising in my body....maybe I have just not understood the pocess properly lol.

Anyway, just want to say how amazing you ladies are being able to keep such a level head and I really hope I can do the same when the focus shifts from treatment.  Any tips also greatfully received on your coping mechanisms...so sorry you ar both in limbo right now too and all my positive thoughts are with you





Hi Andrea

I personally thought I would struggle with the wait but because I felt so much better than I have in quite some time, I kind of got myself into the state of mind that it must of gone! The odds are definitely in your favour to get an All Clear result so I definitely recommend going into it with a positive outlook. I still believe it's just the radiation working - as I was scanned 2 weeks early. It was gutting to hear that things are unclear, but this is a journey and there is no quick fix I guess. Even if I was 'All Clear' then I still am getting tests for the next 5 years so I guess I decided I can either accept it and keep going or I can get down about it go downhill. I am lucky I don't look too much into things - I take things step by step and never get ahead of myself. One thing I did find helped with the waiting is to plan things! I booked a trip to Slovenia for a long weekend - and a few fun things in London and went shopping and just concertrated on eating well and getting my health back on track - to be honest the time has absolutely flown, and whilst the news isn't good..I am still hoping for the best. I haven't even asked what happens if it comes back as peristant cells haha. This would well and truely put a spanner in the works as I will need to fly back from NZ for further treatment.

Anyway we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Good luck with your end of treatment - you will start feeling better soon and when this happens, it's much easier to get the positive vibe flowing xxxxxxxxxxxxx