A lot of pinkish discharge

Amy advice?

1st day back at work yesterday , on my feet and up and down off floor quite a bit. Was achy in the pelvic region but manageable with pain relief. I woke at 5am this morning on a damp patch the size of a dinner plate. It was watery discharge? No smell at all, just a pinkish tinge on the panty liner. Should I be concerned. Still a little bit this morning.

Thanks in advance :heart:

Call your oncology nurse, Shammy - always best to mention it. You must have been tired last night! I think it’s still within 3 months of you finishing treatment, so the radiotherapy/brachy is still working. It is most likely to be tumour related, but could mean the final tumour is breaking down. They will not really know before your scan - and there’s nothing that can be done at this point in time other than wait, I would think, but best to put your mind at rest. Also you need to know if this is likely to happen. X

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Thanks @Jacks133 ,

Just home from work. Had a lovely day. Had my back to work meet and was able to note my concerns with the after effects of radiotherapy and my boss was amazing. Very understanding about me quite likely being prone to issues down below and ahe assured me I had free reign without question to use the private easy access bathroom etc. I’m so happy to have a great boss. I alsoemtuoned that heavy physical stuff can be an issue and she said I only have to say no if I feel i shouldn’t do something.
The discharge has eased off significantly now so I assume it was just the shock of back to work yesterday and doing a lot more than I have been. Thanks as always for your support. :heart:

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Jeez Louise!!!

I had to change sanitary pads 3 times in 2 hours at work! Gush gush gush! Watery stuff…I kept thinking I was wetting myself. But I have worked out that the 2 times it’s happened I used my dilator the day before. Tried to call my CNS but shes not available…

Oh my goodness! That sounds dreadfully annoying apart from anything else. Definitely need to ask about it - poor you!!! X

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And its stopped… just like that! :roll_eyes:

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