Just wondering...


I wonder if anyone has any advice or had experienced this - I've noticed some changes going on where I have some small amounts of discharge which I've not had since I had treatment which finished at the end of 2009.  there doesn't seem to be any abnormal stuff but it's strange for me to have any in the first place..

My treatment caused the menopause and I've surprised that this has started up again.  Should I contact my GP?  Or not worry and leave it a couple of weeks to see if it continues..?  could this be just that my body is finally getting back to some sort or normality?  my last check up with gnye was at the beginning of December and they said everything was ok

Any advise would be great

Thank you



Hi Hazel,

I'm just offering my opinion as I'm just finished my treatment and not even had my six week check up yet so not got to your stage yet, but If it was me I would probably contact my GP or specialist nurse to ask if I should go for another check just to put my own mind at ease.  Your last check up was only a month ago where you were told everything was ok so I wouldn't panic or stress about it, but I would defo phone for a bit of advice especially as this is not normal for you - it could be something of nothing and prob is but personally I wouldn't take the chance.

What advice would you give to someone else ?

Wishing you all the best 

Lou x  

Hi Lou,

How are you feeling after your treatment - hope it was ok and you'll be having your check up soon.  When is it due?

If I was advising someone else I would tell them to go to the consultand or CNS - so I need to follow my own advice although I an pretty worried at the moment - I've had back pain and generally felt very tried etc.  I'm probably reading too much in to everything but once bitten twice shy and all that.

It's strange as first time round I was very proactive now the one sypmton they told me to look out for is there - I kinda want to crawl back in to my shell. 

I'll give them a call...

Thank you lou and all the best to you xx