6 weeks of worry

Hi there. I have been referred to colposcopy to have a cervical erosion treated. He said it was only a small area upon examination and that my cause of bleeding between periods could be from the neck of the womb and not necessarily from the erosion?! He took a punch biopsy during my visit, which I wasn't expecting as I just thought I was having a cautery of the cervix. Is this a standard thing that they do regardless of if they suspect something else? He says he will see me again in four weeks when at first he wasn't sure if I'd need a follow up appointment. The nurse who talked to me about the aftercare of biopsy and cautery said that the doc wasn't worried about anything. So surely if he'd have seen anything during the colposcopy that would raise an alarm he'd want to see me sooner than in four weeks? I have had two smears my last one being just less than two years aago, which was normal. I'm trying to get something sinister out of my mind. I've had a pain in my lower left back and side on and off for a while, which I put down to stress and with having anactive cleaning job mopping and emptying lots of bins. Since my bleed I have been suffering from anxiety so have been putting all my symptoms together (nausea, loss in appetite, which does improve but goes again when I feel at my worst, insomnia, sweating, confusion and mood swings) and have linked it all to advanced cancer. Surely anything advanced would have been seen at Colposcopy?



Hi there,

I think if you scan through this forum, you will see lots of posts like yours - "i have this pain here", "my back aches" etc etc. The mind is a very powerful thing and you convince yourself that these "symptoms" point to the worst. You suddenly become very aware of aches and pains in that part of your body when beforehand you wouldn't have give them a second thought. 

The nurse told you he hadnt seen anything of concern so try not to worry too much. Worrying is human nature .Think positive!

big hugs xxx

So have you had your results from your biopsy back? It's great that the doctor did the test as an addition just to make sure everything was okay.

Hi there I haven't officially had the results back yet but when I went to see the doc I asked if she could have a look and she did. She said there's no sign of any pre cancerous or cancer based on the biopsy or multiple ones (not sure how many they took) but there is a mention of "koilytosis"?! I posted another msg regarding this finding as there doesn't seem to be much about it and the doc said to not Google as it won't help my anxiety which is what I've been to see her for, so I've got a follow up with her tomorrow anyway and she said she'd look into it for me for tomorrow x