Concerns about results

Hey ladies, hope you are all doing ok. I'm struggling with the waiting I get days were im ok and others where I'm freaking out. I had my first smear in jan came back abnormal reading borderline changes and evidence of hpv. I was forwarded on for a colcoscopy which had last Monday I found it awful! :( anyways from what I gathered in the state I found myself in was that she could see mild changes and inflamation. Inflamation I what??? My cervix what does this mean? They took a biopsy does this mean she has seen something cancer?? I'm so worried I have a back ache feel unwell and don't think I can cope for another 3 weeks like this! I'm constantly upset it's agfrctomg my job as a nanny. I guess I'm just confused! She took a biopsy so that's bad right? She did say to wait 4/6 weeks and she would write to me anyone had the same experiences thanks Carly xxx

Hi Carly,

Please don't panic and try to stay calm.

I have just been in the exact same position as you, had my first smear 3 years ago came back normal, had a smear back in December it came back borderline changes with HPV. Now the only reason why the have sent you for a colposcopy is because of the HPV present, as usually if you have borderline changes they would just do another routine smear in 1 years time as the cells usually return to normal. I had my colposcopy and she showed me ont he screen the area where the cells had changed, she took two punch biopsies, and told me she thought it would come back as CIN 1 or 2 as the max. I had my results last week and I dont need any treatment and will just need to return for a smear in 1 years time.
They dont take the biopsies because they think cancer is there, they take it because they can't see if any treatment is needed, if it looked that bad they would have removed the cells there and then for you.

I hope this helps you relax a little, and please try not to worrk, she has taken biopsies so they can see if any treatment is required to remove the cells before they turn into CC which by the way can take 10 years.


Hi Sarah thanks for replying you have defiantly helped. I guess it's just completely freaked me out.. It was my first smear so the resulta I never really thought about let alone have a bad reault!! I think I'm getting myself all worked up this is the reasons for the bad back ache! I'm sure I feel symptoms off cc cause it's actually in my head!! I'm clearly going mad. Haha... It's just the waiting game that freaks me out tbh.. I'd rather know if that makes sense I try to find comfort in that it was borderline on smear she didn't as u say treat me there and then and if she had any najor concerns she would have poped my results through sooner than 4/6 weeks surely! I'm trying to relax some days in very positive others not so much!! I like to be in complete control of things that's exactly why I think I'm freaking out the most. I have quit The odd social smoke I tend to do ain't drinking as much and am eating a lot healthier although I'm a vegatarian anyway Hoping that if I have the same outcome as u that I will fight the virus and cells naturally!! So pleased for you and your result its such an anxious time!! U go enjoy yourself for the next year and celebrate!! :) can't wait to hopefully be doing that myself. Thank so much for your response again big hugs xx

I was exactly the same, and it freaked me out too. As soon as I had my letter saying I needed a colposcopy I went to Google, BAD idea as you always find yourself reading about the worst case scenerio. My results took 3 weeks, but that's because I rang them for the results, I have today had the letter confirming my result (CIN 1) which is 4 weeks, so it may be worth just giving them a call in 3 weeks time just to see if they are back.
Definately a good idea to quite social smoking, even thou it's not as bad as daily smoking it can still have an effect on cell changes.
Try and keep yourself occupied for the next few weeks, do things you enjoy going, go for walks now the weather is getting better, it really will help take your mind of things.
If you need anymore info let me know I'll be happy to help. And let us know the outcome of your results :) sending you big hugs xx

Yes!! Very bad idea... I googled for around a week and self diagnosed myself!! Haha... It's awful!! :( glad I'm not the only one i actually felt I was going mad. Ok great thanks for letting me know. It's just been over a week so I'll give it another few weeks and give them a call... It's horrible they makes us wait so long but guess that's just the process. So happy your letter was good news and let's hope you fight this virus and all back to normal on your next smear... It's awful being a women but were also lucky to have these test to actually prevent anything bad happening. I'm definitely planning things to do and take my mind of things :) im seeing the script at o2 London on Saturday so a good dance and few cheeky drinks will help relax me. Yes indeed a good thing to quit altogether!! Maybe this letter has a positive outcome anyway if it's made me switch from the occasional fag! Ha. Thanks so much for your support its been refreshing! Now u go enjoy yourself and relax!!! It's obivously been a whirl wind few weeks for you too if I'm anything to go by!! I will definitely post back here when I get them to let you know as soon as I do!!have a cheers at the weekend to good health!! ;) hugs xxx