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I have had 3 abnormal smears over a 19 month period and got sent for colposcopy 3 weeks ago.

When I had my chat with the consultant before the actual examination he said I was just there as it was routine, I should not worry. He will just have a look and probably need to go back in 6 months. I had been worrying but this made me feel a lot better.

Examination wasnt the most pleasant experience but not as bad as I was expecting. Only thing is, he had a look around then sighed and said he wanted to take did actually want to take a biospy as he didnt like the look of something - alarm bells immediatly started going. Took a punch biopsy, then sat back again and told me that my cervix was swollen/puckered (no idea what a normal one looks like so didnt know what he was talking about) and if the biospy comes back "the way he thinks" I will need to get treatment twice??? The 5-6 week is really getting to me no matter how much I try and put it out of my head.

I have been suffering from severe cramps for weeks and horrendous lower back pain - the the point I have been in work in tears - I had seen a doctor about this seperatly and have been given pain killers and all sorts but was told even though I was refered for colposcopy they were treating it seperatly (this was before the colposcopy appt)

Im basically feeling a bit lost, scared and wishing I had asked more questions. Has anyone ever had the same kind of experience?

Im driving myself mad thinking its all linked,



Poor you!

I drive myself mad with these things too.  People give me advice and say to take it one step of the time and that theres no use worrying and to stay positive.  Let me know if it works for you because it hasnt worked for me yet!!

Maybe next time you go for something write down all your questions before.  Write them down as they come to you when you're worried.  Then get them out and go through them at the appointment.

With the back thing it could be completely unconnected.  The positive thing to think is that everythings ok and its just a coincidence. Its also probably the most likely outcome too. I know how hard it is to be like that though.  I tend to assume the worst until proven otherwise - but its tiring for me and my family and I wish I could change my outlook. I'm trying!

Good luck with everything.  If you're really panicking you can ask your questions to the medical panel on this website or call the helpline.  I did and it helped me immeasurably.



It all varies from office to office but on your oppintment letter there should be a number for your Colp office, give them a call (after making a list of questions you want to ask) and ask to speak to one of the Colp nurses, or get one of them to call you back, it's their job to explain what is happening and reassure you.

Hope this helps and please do update us xx

Thanks guys,

I suffer from anxiety and I am a constant worrier at the best of times and usually over nothing, so this is really getting to me.

Im going to give them a call later and see how I get on, I just feel like the hold back a lot of information and can be very vague which makes me worry more. Its just a waiting game at the end of the day.

Thank you for replying, just dont really have anyone to turn to about any of this.