Worried about 1st colposcopy!

Hi, I am new here but not sure where else to turn! I'm 23 and have been bleeding for 2 weeks and so had a doctors appointment on Friday where I had my first smear. I had a lot of pain and bled during the examination also. The doctor said it looks like I have a cervical ectropian due to being on the pill but can't be sure so is sending me down the cancer route to be safe. My letter came yesterday and seeing the word cancer is making my anxiety go through the roof as I never thought it could be something like this. I have no idea what to expect from the colposcopy and am so scared! Has anyone had any similar experience? 

Hi Katie,

I went for a smear before Christmas but have had no symptoms. Received a letter today saying the results showed signs of hpv and I will have to have a colposcopy. Mine is taking 4-6 months so I'm just so confused and sad about it today. Beyond shocked, but hoping this group will provide some information and calm me until I can ring my doctor tomorrow. Hope you a little feeling better :)

Hi, I had an urgent referral and my colposcopy is tomorrow. Scared stiff still, especially as it's less than 2 weeks since my smear. Hoping my doctor is just being extra careful but can't help but think the worst! Hope you managed to speak to your doctor and are feeling a little calmer now. It's refreshing to know there are others out there in the same boat.

Hi, sounds similar to me.

I went for my smear and the nurse said I have erosion, a doctor was asked to take a look and she referred me for a colposcopy.  I had it on Friday which was a couple of weeks after I'd seen the Dr. I have been spotting between periods and had some post coitle bleeding for a while now but didn't really think much of it thought I was down to my mirena coil. At the colposcopy they took a biopsy. 

So now I have to wait, although I am hoping the biopsy comes back normal because in the meantime I had my smear results back and that was normal.

Try not to worry about the colposcopy it's not too bad, a little uncomfortable if biopsy is taken but bearable.