Still awaiting results from biopsy. I wasn't referred due to abnormal smear it was on the back of a cervical erosion and having a cautery of the cervix. Biopsy was taken would this just be standard? I visited doc who had a sneaky look at my results and says that no abnormalities have been found. I'm waking every morning feeling sick and I had lower back ache last night which I needed pain relief and a hot water bottle for. Could the back ache have been from my biopsy and cautery of cervix healing? I've been losing a bit of blood for a week but nothing too heavy. Colposcopy was 12 days ago. Feel like I'm going insane. Could my symtoms be anxiety related?!?


Sounds like it could be, but if ever in doubt call your  Dr just to be on the safe side.  

I had a cervical erosion 4 years ago, my old gp seen it while doing a pap smear, she didn't wait for the results and referred my to a specialist right away. 

I had a coloscopy and an abnormal blood vessel was seen so a biopsy was taken along with another smear test. All 3 tests came back clear. Good luck, hope all goes well for you