6 month check up ...

Hello everyone , today I had my 6 months check up, the smear test! I had 6 horrible months, with all kind of health problems, laparoscopy and irregular bleeding... I just hope I won't receive my result in the next 5 days!!! Because I know now that fast result means bad news!! :) cxx

Hi ya,

We had colp at same time, you are early for your 6 month check up aren’t you? I’ve got to wait a bit longer for mine, not till Nov.

How was the smear? Did you ask if things looked ok? I think at my check up I will ask details as I didn’t last time and I’m sure if I had I would have been told rather than it being a complete surprise! Good luck xx

Sorry I’m a dumbass, just worked out my follow up appointment is later than yours because I had further treatment whereas you got clear margins after the 1st LLETZ xx

Hi :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear from you again .My initial app was for 26 th of oct but for a reason or another they moved it for 18th of oct!! The smear was done by a nurse , I did asked lots of questions but I got silly answers !! All I wanted to know is if my lump and my lymphatic nodes which are swollen, has got anything to do with this CNI3?? But she could not answer !! I told her that I had a laparoscopy and they could not find anything what’s wrong , just swollen organs and tissues and they gave me steroids injection… But her answer was , ‘if its gynaecological they will refer you to gynaecologist’ simple as!! I hope they’ll be able to do the readings off my smear as I was bleeding a bit … My period decided to come exactly in the same day! :frowning: anyway I have a bad feeling that something is not ok as last night I had a horrible nightmare and each time I dream a baby I know something wrong is to come… Now all I have to do is wait for the results and the waiting is killing me!! Same worries again and again !!

Hi girls I hope all of you are fine ! I did not logged in since they changed new site :) I have some good & bad news! My 6 month check up was clear !! No more nasty cells but the bad news it's that I was tested for HPV and it came back positive :( ! In 19th of dec I got app with the doctor to s discuss the options I have ! As far as dr google say ... There is no treatment for HPV !! So ... I'm confused about what they want to talk to me about :) ! anyway because I was driving myself insane with all this I joined the gym and .... What a stress relief !!! I'm taking each day as its come ! No point stressing and worrying as ... What has to be it will be and I refuse to live my life in fear of what can happen Or will happen ! I changed a lot as a person since my first diagnostic & I learned who are my friends and who I can relay on ... So like they say everything happens for a reason !! best of luck to everyone ! Xxxxx