6 month results

Hi ladies 

Well last Friday I went for my 6 month smear  and test of cure. today my doctors surgery called me at work to tell me again my results are abnormal and I'm straight back to hospital. They wouldn't tell me why, or what grade etc. to say I'm upset and worried is an understatement . Cannot believe I'm having to go through all of this again :-( . Has anyone else been sent straight back without knowing any details ? 

Hi Lornie just wanted to wish you luck for the next bit. Sorry you have to go through it all again, hopefully it won't go on too long. All the best xx

Hi Jojo

Thanks for your good wishes . Have since found out that my smear was clear of abnormal cells, but still testing positive for HPV . Which is why I have to go back to be checked. Awaiting colposcopy  appointment now. Was so grateful to my gp who explained it to me and trying not to worry. I'm disappointed but trying to be positive. I wish you all the best too x x