6 Month Check up- Symptoms

Hi Ladies


I haven’t posted in a while but have been on a lot just keeping track.


So I got my 6 month colposcopy moved 2 weeks closer as I couldn’t function with the worry! I had LLETZ 6 month ago and told CGIN and 1A1 but this had been removed.


The lady doing the check up said that everything looked visually ok, which made me relieved!


This was last Wednesday, on Wednesday I told the nurse about how I had just in the past 2 months had heavier/longer periods than usual, also pain during/after sex which has only just started to happen and back pain. I also went to the doctors about a month ago for blood tests as I am tired constantly but these all came back clear!


Since Wednesday sex has been the sorest so far, Ive never had pain like that during sex, I was thinking it could maybe have been something to do with the smear on Wednesday though? Also my back pain has been a lot worse, its down one side like on the left bone at bottom of back, do you know where some people have the little dimples lol



Rambling on a bit, Ive text the nurse to ask her and see what she says! Has anyone else experienced any of this or had something similar?