Hi all, new here- children mentioned

Hello everyone :) hope you're all ok.

I'm new here. I've had ongoing abnormalities of my cervix for about 6/7 years now. 3 years ago after a number of unsuccessful laser treatments, a loop biopsy was taken which came back showing a speck of cancer (they said it was tiny & had been fully removed with the loop procedure). They did suggest I have a cone biopsy done too, which came back clear also. I then had a colposcopy & smear in November 2013, which came back clear. I was meant to have a 6 month check up, but found out I was pregnant so was advised to wait until I'd had my baby, which I have now had so I'm now due a colposcopy on April.

The reason for me being here is because I'm already scared that something may've developed during my pregnancy? I havent had any symptoms throughout the pregnancy, however, the past week or so my back & pelvis / abdomen had been a bit achy. Nothing excruciating, just niggly, sometimes feels a bit period like. So I don't know if this is due to my giving birth 6 weeks ago, or something more serious? I don't think I can wait until April to find out!

Just wondered if anyone has been through the same at all?

Thanks for taking your time to read :)

Lots of love xx

Hi Timidshrew

Congratulations on your new baby!

Whilst any new symptoms are of course really worrying, what you describe really sounds to me like your body recovering from pregnancy and also the day to day mayhem that is having a small baby. After both my children I had terrible lower back/ hip pain and had to see an osteopath! It takes quite some time for everything to shrink back down and you do get cramps as your uterus contracts, particularly so if you are breastfeeding. Also do not underestimate the carrying around of a small person, heavy car seats and bending for nappy changes and baths. 

I think as you were checked just over a year ago it is very unlikely for anything sinister to develop, so please try not to worry and enjoy your baby. It may seem an eternity but it is not that long until April and if you asked for a referral I doubt you would get one sooner, especially as they like to give you some time to heal from childbirth. You could always try calling your consultant for some reassurance.

Big hugs


Hi suzysooz,

Thanks so much for your reply. Very much appreciated & your comments have made me calm down slightly :) it doesn't help that im alone for most of the day looking after my little'un, so my mind starts to race!! It just feels as though I'm due my period soon, which maybe I am.

I also need to stop googling these symptoms!!

Thank you for your reply again xx


Hi Timidshrew :-)

Lovely Suzysooz seems to have covered all bases perfectly, so not really any need for me to butt in at all, except that you mentioned Googling symptoms and I just wanted to point out that if you Google the symptoms of a common cold you will get yourself an Ebola disgnosis. So it's probably best that you stop that now and go and play with your new baby instead :-)

Have fun :-)


Hi tivoli :)

Youre so right! Thank you for your reply :)

Consider my wrists well & truly slapped! ;)