5 days till colposcopy ..kinda worried

Okay so i will be having. My first colposcopy tuseday. Ive had abnormal cells for 10 years now. But in a 2 year span i went from cin 1 to hsil cin ll almost 3 according to mt dr via paps exam. How worried should i be? They want to do the colposcopy and potientially a leep? Any advice ?

Don't worry there aren't   as bad as they sound, im just over mine best of luck xxx

I wish I had read up on the procedure before I went but as not too good with hospital things it was just at the back of my mind. I had my abnormal smear results in april, 2 weeks later I got my appointment for a Colposcopy which I had done in early May.

I was a nervous wreck even cried holding my husbands hand in the waiting room infront of other females, I finally got in the room & broke down as didn't realise I was having a LLETZ being done...(phobia for needles & finding out there going somewhere personal freaked me out) I will assure all yes at first i felt the needles but it was not painful, the procedure was uncomfortable & did make me jump at times but no way painfull. 

I am now on my 3rd week after i had it done & have had an awful painful period since but with out being crude im still experiencing some discharge. I also found walking was painful as i had like a permanent stitch but maybe thinking that could be just the biopsies they have taken & im abit sore so i've took it easy by not walking too far.

Still waiting for the results of the biopsies but no news is good news for me, even though im still worried every time the postie delivers. My smear indicated High grade (moderate) dyskaryosis but hopefully LLETZ was sucsessfull :)

Hey, I had lletz yesterday after a high grade severe result from my first smear (at age 35) following symptoms. I am quite painful down there at the moment anyway and I was really anxious but it was ok. The nurses were wonderful and it was over really quick, just awaiting my results now. Good luck! Try not to worry it won't be as bad as you think. Xx 

Didnyou take anything before hand for pain? Hope every thing turns out gokd for ylu!

They mentioned taking biopisies when i have the colposcopy which i think is common? Im terrified of the pain it may cause bwxause a regular paps is pretty uncomfortable for my self.i hope every thing turns out good for yournself. 

Would you recomend taking something for pain a head of time?

I was fine even after the procedure, just felt invaded I suppose. The day or 2 after I did take paracetamol but that was all. Hope this helps x

I didn't take anything before the colopscopy but for the lletz I did 

I'm not sure but if you decide to take paracetamol and not anadin which thins your blood. 

I didn't but I think a couple of paracetamol might help, had paracetamol the day after but that was all. x