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Hello everyone.

I'm just looking for somewhere to get a little support really.

Had a smear test (routine) end of August and results came back with high grade dyskaryosis. So they got me an appointment for colposcopy. I went for this last week (3/9) and they did a LLETZ right there and then. It wasn't pleasant, of course. I'm scared of the results coming back though. The nurses who did the colposcopy were lovely and kind, but I'm bricking it. I have 2 young children and we have already lost their father to cancer. This situation for me now is not fun at all. My family have not thought to ask me how I am doing. They have also forgotten my son's first day at primary school.

I am angry and upset. And just to make things even nicer for me, I've got my period now and can't use any tampons or anything. I feel disgusting.


Sending lots of support your way.  I am in the same boat (high grade smear, LLETZ 28/8, waiting for results), although without the family worries.  I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.  I try to be reassured by the statistics.  Most women who have LLETZ for CIN3 do not have cancer and never need any further treatment.  I also like the thought that those nasty cells are out of my body!

I hope you are doing ok and your family are more supportive soon.

Best wishes x

Thank Libby

I get health anxiety pretty bad sometimes and this is not good for me. I am trying not to panic and think that every other little pain/twinge etc is cancer that is rusyhing around my body.

I did give the cells the Vs after they chopped them out - ha! I read what you put on someone else's post about if it is a bad result they would get in touch quicker, I think you're probably right. I will try to think about it this way.

Sending you all the best for your own results x


sending hugs((()))

i had a colposcopy on the 26th and phoned daily about results from about the 28th! Don't be afraid to phone them, I found them to be very helpful and, even more importantly, kind.

I am waiting for a cone biopsy now onn Thursday, and like you have convinced myself that every little ache is something serious even though most likely it's twinges from all the poking around!

i know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry, or at least do something to keep you mind off things (in between phone calls!) I think I preferred the biopsy to the waiting!

chances are they got everything they needed when they did the lletz.

Mollz xx

My colposcopy was an awful experience. I had my result for high dyskariosis, then went for the colposcopy with the world's most fierce woman.

She did not say much other than telling me she though it was CIN3 and also CGIN so took four biopsies, explained I'd need a LLETZ under general, and she looked really concerned then left the room before I could ask questions.

I called the next day to ask her secretary when I'd get my results, she said my biopsy was marked urgent which freaked me out even more.

The secretary was lovely though, and I said I'm quite worried so she explained the earliest it would be was one week. I asked her if she could call me when my results were in, even if she couldn't tell me them on the phone, so I knew whether to come home each day expecting to find the letter or not.

In the meantime I called my GP who told me that although it sounded like the colposcopist was concerned, colposcopy and also smears are each only 70% accurate.

I got a call from the secretary in the end after 10 days or so saying she had my results and had got permission from my colposcopist to tell me it was CIN2 and CIN3, NOT CGIN and NOT cancer.

So try not to worry :) :) It might not be as bad as the doctors think, and in the meantime do call the clinic and tell them if you're anxious so they can help you - it is their job