Colposcopy Tomorrow...

Hello, new to this but going to give it a go.

I had my first smear (I’m 24.5) on the 8th Feb 2016, received my abnormal results on the 18/2/2016-High Grade Dyskaryosis, I’m scared to say the least, I’ve already convinced myself I have cancer as my auntie had it (mams side) and needed a full hysterectomy! I have my colposcopy appointment tomorrow at 5pm but I’ve just gone to the toilet and wiped (sorry for the details) and its bright red blood when I wiped, it wasn’t loads at all, and I have had slight pains throughout the day nothing major.

Now, I was supposed to go for my injection 14/11/2015 but it wasn’t right for me so I didn’t go back, and I’m awaiting the return of mother natures pea pod. I’m I over thinking the blood and it is actually the return of my pea pod or could it be early cancer stages?

Any advice would be great as I am new, young and scared! xxx

1st Smear Test: 8/2/2016
Results: 18/2/2016-High Grade Dyskaryosis
Colposcopy: 24/2/2016

Hi there :). Just wanted to wish you all the best for your appointment today. Let us know how it all goes. If your periods are a bit up in the air I wouldn't work yourself up about the bleeding but worth mentioning when you go in today xxx

Thank you for replying...

it wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. He suspects it's CIN 3 so did the LLETZ there and then and took biopsies. I'm slightly confused though, with the LLETZ will he of took all of the, what he thinks is, "abnormal cells". And could the results of this show that I'm clear and need no further treatment? xxx

Hey glad it went well! Yes Lletz is done as a treatment to get rid of all the abnormal cells. They'll send the tissue that they removed off to get tested to make sure all the margins are clear and nothing was left behind and that's what the results are for :). Do you know how long you have to wait? I just had a 6 month review and have a 4 week wait for results... cannot stand the waiting! Xxx

aw ok, thanks for confirming. I'm going to try and put it to the back of my mind until later. Could this have gotten rid of the CIN3 and come back clear? He said I should have the results in 4-6 weeks xxx

hi there , I had lletz 4 weeks ago after biopsy said it was cn2 , rang for results today and consultant confirmed this and said margins were clear so just need to go to doctors in 6 months for smear , it's so hard not to worry, If you haven't heard at four weeks ring , they really don't mind I did this morning and they rang back with results as they know how worrying it can be .

Hope it all comes back okay xxx


Just wondering from people who have had were you afterwards? I had it yesterday and the lady said I will have bleeding up to 4-6 weeks and period pains but up to now I've had nothing lol like literally bit of an ache but havent even needed pain killers xxx

I had lletz two weeks ago tomorrow, I've had no pain, my period came the day after my treatment, that was slightly heavier but still didn't need to take painkillers. still bleeding now but it's just small amounts of watery blood xx

Yeah usually they will get rid of all the abnormal cells with the lletz and the result will be clear :). If I remember correctly I didn't start bleeding until a week or 2 after the lletz and I seemed to bleed forever. I remember thinking it wasn't so bad in the first week but then it got quite bad so still make sure you take it easy. No exercise or sex!