4th week of treatment

I’ve just finished my 4th week of treatment for stage 2b cc and haven’t done too bad until the last couple of days, I now feel really tired, sore in a certain area, and my taste seems to have gone, everything tastes like cardboard! I also have bouts of diarrhoea so I have to watch what I eat, no fibre, veg or fruit, only bland food.

I’m also struggling with the fact that I have my 3 sessions of brachytherapy starting next week and had an appointment this week to go through it, I completely broke down, I’m just so scared.

Emotionally I haven’t been so bad over the last couple of weeks, but I seem to have gone back to square one now and can’t cope with it. I’m back to fearing the worst. It’s been exactly 2 months since I found out and I still can’t come to terms with it.


Hi Mel


Sorry to read your feeling under the weather and somewhat overwhelmed at the moment.


You are doing so well and are nearly there now. You never thought you could get this far. Give yourself a break what you are going through is major stuff.  There will soon be light at the end of the tunnel.


Good luck for next week and hang in there.


lots of love and hugs




Just want to pop up and say that you're almost there! Hang in there!!! It'll be all worth it!

Hey Mel! :-D

You're nearly there! :-D
Yeah, bland food gets very boring, believe me I know! Apples & bananas chopped into Greek yoghurt with maybe a spoon of honey if you like things sweet is a great simple non-pukey, non-diarrhoea filler-upper :-) At least if everything tastes of cardboard it isn't tasting like metal! ;-)

You're almost there. You still have your hair, you've stopped bleeding and the brachy ain't too bad I promise you!


Hi Mel,

Good to hear news of you. You are doing SO SO well and the end is really and truly in sight. I didn't have the brachytherapy, so can't give you any useful advice there, but you thought you might not get this far, and now you are in spitting distance of the end. We are all there with you counting the days. Bless you Hun. Xx


Thank you so much for your messages, these really do help me get through.

Mel xx

Just wanted to wish you well- sending you positive thoughts. You can deat this Mel :) xox

Hi Mel


I just want to echo Tivoli that the brachytheraphy isn't all that bad unless you get a spinal headache which i got on the 3rd session due to the epidural and the fluids leaked in my spine! (be sure to stay put for a few hours before moving your body after the treatment until the anesthetic wears off)  



Hi Mel

I have been on here for a while so only just seen your post. Hope you are feeling much better this week. You are doing so well. You WILL get through this!

Sending love and positive thoughts xx