Late Week 4 update, into week 5

Well last week was the usual, more radi, more chemo. I’m currently sitting in chemo right now. This is my last week of external radiation. Set to start brachy next week. I’m terrified, I need a total of 5 of them. And since I still have 2 chemos left I guess I will fit the last 2 chemo sessions in between brachys. She refused to do less than 6 sessions. This really makes me sad. I’m mentally just sad right now.

Hi nm

you are almost there!!! It's hard to keep up the umph but you will find the strength. Don't worry about the brachy's they are really not that bad. I just finished my last one today. I was getting so worn out mentally and physically on the last leg but keep pushing through. You got this!!!

soon you will be smiling and thinking wow I rock. I actually made it!!!


Hello, nm dahin'. Hang in there! I know where you are coming from at this point cause I am quiet physically exhausted as well but we have to keep pushing until we get to the finish line. Mentally I am prepared to finish this challenge but physically .. it is more challenging.. exhausted from the daily travel back & forth for the treatment & a li'l dehydrated from dashing to the loo .. I just lost 2 kilos tho. Thanks God the treatment didn't really affect that much my appetite for eating so at least it helps to give me the energy that I needed. I try to do some walkings too, treating myself with my fave fruits, milkshakes every now & then. . Try to be more active.. it's only you who can lift up your mood.. I know that you are exhausted too but try to be active maybe it helps to boost your mood.. meditate & motivate yourself then never forget to  To reward yourself at the end of the day for completing your task for the day. Always blessings, dahlin.. Big hug! 

Hiya :-)

Sorry you are feeling so wiped out just now :-( It's only a little bit more to go now and the brachy really isn't as bad as you think. Cheering you on as you reach the finish line! ;-)
Be lucky :-)