5 weeks down

Well, I ended my 5th week of chemo and radiation yesterday!  Still feeling good, though my bowels are a bit irritable.  Fortunately I have meds for that!  And I still continue to work.

This coming week, I'll have my last chemo session (for a total of 6).  My doc was hoping to start brachy this week, but with the holiday (Memorial Day), the scheduling didn't work out.  So internal radiation will start the following week.  I'm a little bummed about what seems like a week delay in treatment, but I think the rest period will be nice.  And I can see the end now!  Looking forward to finally being done!


Hooray and congratulations Niki!

You have continued working through your treatment! What are you made of?? I was mostly made of sleep during mine.

Enjoy having a week off before the brachy - give yourself a treat after chemo 6

Be lucky

Tivoli :-)


Hi Tivoli,

I think working during treatment helped my energy levels!  And kept my mind on something else :)



Do you mind me asking what work you do?

I work in real estate

Phew! No heavy machinery involved there then ;-)

Well done Niki, almost at the finish line.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment. xxx