Fourth week!!

Thought I’d give a quick update on my treatment. I have just a little over a week left so I’m in the end stretch. 6more external rads, 1 more chemo and 4 brachy left.
Monday and Tuesday this past week were my hardest days so far In My treatment. The diarrhea was so horrible that I developed some piles. Which are super sore. After Imodium did nothing I’m on a pill called lomotil which I have to take 4 times a day to stop my bowels from going crazy. I’m down to going only 2x a day which is manageable. I have also got some steroid cream for my sore butt which has helped and some stronger pain killers due to the pain I have when I have to go. It feels like I’m pooping broken glass(sorry tmi)the silts bathes help a lot but my butt is so sore after that Advil and Tylenol do nothing. Dr was great so do not be afraid to tell them if you are in pain. I’m still driving myself I just have to make sure I don’t take pain meds until I’m home. My diet is very plain and boring but I will bare with that as long as my bum is happy. Plain whit bread, rice, baked chicken with no spices or sauce,boiled potatoes.
All in all though I’m doing good. I feel happy as long as my butt is happy. Everyone in my house is sick of hearing of my butt. But they can suffer a bit too. Lol.
So, there you have it…
If any of you ladies cannot manage something make sure you insist on getting something that will help you be able to cope!!!
Good luck to everyone starting or in treatment.
I have my first brachy this Tuesday. I’ll be honest. I’m a bit scared but I know I will manage. Fingers crossed its not too bad, besides it can’t be as bad as the butt pain I have had…so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Can't believe you're already almost done! Hope mine flies by! I just had my 7th radiation today and 1st chemo Tuesday. Yesterday I had some fluid retention going on, it all went away today. Last night I had the pukes set in! They called me in some phenergan, the zofran isn't helping. I really started with a positive attitude but I'm slowly starting to gain some negativity. Ugh. This forum keeps me strong though! I'm also constipated, that's kinda pissing me off too:( Your posts have kept me going though! So thanks!

Hi nm

im glad you are less swollen today. I was worried about you all day and checking the board to see if you posted. 

Everyone is different, maybe you will start off rough but finish fine. I am trying really hard to stay positive but this week was a big test for me with my bowels. I guess we all have something that gets us in some way or another. 

funny thing is.... Before this cancer I liked music but wasn't a huge fan of using music other then for entertainment. I use to just enjoy quietness. However, music for some reason has really helped me be able to cope and stay positive. I get pumped up listening to some crazy music on my way to treatment. At night i listen to some reiki meditation music to fall asleep. It's kind of a new thing for me but it has really helped me. What I'm saying is try different things to lift your mood and spirt. Maybe something that before you never really cared for. 

I think I'm doing really well and even my dr mentioned that my positive attitude is helping me. He is impressed and I feel good mentally. 

There are moments I want to be angry and vulgar and scream my face off. So when I'm alone in my car feeling crapy about life I put in some crazy hardcore music that honestly I don't even know what it is and just scream. I must look crazy but physically just screaming releases all my bad thought. Or maybe I'm just a bit crazy to begin with. Who knows

i hope next week goes well for you, the constipation will stop after the radiation side effects kick in and trust me you will wish you were still constipated. 

Keep us all posted how you are getting on in your treatment as it helps everyone and I know I feel less alone and if I can offer some advice I will. 

Best of luck next week. 


I think I may have panicked more than anything yesterday. I did have swelling going on, but they acted like as long as I had no other symptoms present, (no kidney pain, no problems with urine output), they think it could have just been some effects from Tuesday's sterroids. I do blow up like a balloon from any sterroid. Either my swelling went away or I puked it all out lol. It's so weird, it must take a few days for everything to wear off that they give you at chemo to keep you from being sick. As of Wednesday I felt like a million bucks and then yesterday just deteriorated. I did have to have a come to Jesus meeting with my chemo team today. They didn't want to give me anything else for nausea except for the zofran and compazine they already give me. I basically had to tell them that either they WILL find something that works for me, or I will change chemo practices and get a doctor that will help me. I'm not going to stay sick for the next 4-5 weeks just because they don't want to experiment until we find something that works. So now we are trying phenergan. I'm still waiting for it to kick in. I'm also sorry about your butt. You're literally butt hurt (lol). That sucks a** literally. You are pretty dang strong though. I have read every week that you post about treatment. You were first starting around when i was diagnosed. I hope I can be a trooper like you. So far i have been a pill. Everyone was right about one thing though. At least the depression goes away once you start treatment. I hope your last few days you have left are as enjoyable as they possibly can be. Hopefully soon you're gonna have the all clear and be done with this forever!

Good for you!!!

stand up and make sure you are comfortable. hopefully the new anti- sickness will help. Do try to keep a diary of what you feel and what pills you take. This has helped me not only see how i react but makes it easier when I need something new for the dr to help me. (Because I've kept a detailed diary he can see for himself if I'm struggling)

The natural pathic dr I also see explained to me that the CISplatin is about 60% out of your body through urine in the first 24 hours after the infusion. It will then keep diluting out at the same rate. That is why after three days you stop taking the steroids. Which is mostly for inflammation

Try to drink lots of fluids from chemo day and three days after and make sure you take your steroids with a full belly. After three days you can lower your water intake but still try to drink lots Especially before radiation as it will protect your bladder. 

Hope that might help you as it has helped me  



You are such a trooper! I love the way you are finding ways to deal with everything that is being thrown at you. I totally agree that now is the time to explore anything and everything that might help. I've signed up for a mindfulness course which I would have scoffed at pre-cancer. I've also found a whole slew of youtube guided relaxation/sleep videos that have helped me when my mind has been racing. 

I am full of admiration for how you guys cope. Weaker sex my ass! Women are damn tough.

Cheering you on ladies,

much love t xx

Hi Teresa 

thanks,  I do feel like I'm trekking through this journey and will come out with so many new ideas and thoughts about so many things. It's funny how when you embark on a scary journey it turns out opening your eyes.

They say that cancer changes you and I believe it's for the better. I am no longer so judgemental or opinionated. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world and I just feel I've touched the surface of this new place.

Im kind of lost in so many thoughts that I don't even have time to want to think about my cancer or any other bad things. 

Good luck with your course!!!

So inspirational and gives me so much hope and insight on what to expect. I start my  5x chemo, 28x radiotherapy and 3x Brachytherapy 5th september and just finished freezing my eggs i got 9 frozen at the fertility clinic. so now a waiting game...i do yoga and meditation daily and have been for the last couple of years so now i have really got to put it into practice. I think it is the unknown and the pain im scared of. The sitting still although i think i will try to excerise whilst going through treatment because I would hate to think i get really unfit through this as well. You all sound so strong and gives me strength reading this so thank you so much xxxx

Hi, ladies! 'Glad to find you here on thia forum where I Can relate on.. I am on my 2nd week of treatment. . In fact, I am replying to you right now while waiting for my turn for my 8th radiotherapy. I already got my 2nd cisplatin session last Tuesday. . So far, I am still feeling active and well.. which is good, I think. But I am suffering with constipation lately so my doctor prescribed me to take Movicol. I haven't taken it yet 'cause I am worried that it will trigger diarrhea since I heard that on the 3 rd week of chemorad is the start of the challenge due to side effects.. so I am bracing myself for next week. Pls. Keep in touch ladies since I need ladies like you whom I can share and relate to while undergoing this treatment.  Big hug! :)