40 with severe high grade dyaskoriosis


so I've just been told I have severe dyskoriosis. Don't think I've spelled that right.

my question is will I need a hysterectomy? I'm 40 and have all the children I'm going to have :)

im terrified of the colposcopy and I've been having brown discharge for months. Ive also been suffering with pain in my left side that hasn't been solved yet. Although I've been put on the pill to shut my ovaries down to see if that helps.

do I have more of a chance of it being cancer?? I'm so scared 

thanks in advance



dont be scared of the colposcopy nothing hurts and they numb the area if they need to treat anything,I have these every 6 months and will be doing that for 10years as I had cervical cancer diagnosed last year but have had 2 lletz procedures, one under general  to treat and don't need any more treatment so far :) and I'm 27.severe dyskyrosis could mean anything from CIN 1 TO 3 none of which are cancer just precancerous cells and usually if you have anything 2 or above they will remove and send for biopsy for closer look,I'm not sure if you would just get a hysterectomy they have said to me if I need treatment again I need to be thinking about it I'm still left with precancerous cells cin 1 even after  2 treatments and I haven't been told I have too have it or given the option as of yet,although when I am finished having children it's definitely something I will be considering like yourself,your hospital might be willing to,but don't jump the gun you might only have a tiny millimetre of Cin 1 which they don't even treat :) 

Thank you so much for the reply. I do feel better now I've read it:)

my appointment is tomorrow :/

Good luck with your appointment I hope all goes ok let's us know xx

Had my exam. There is some covering at the top of my cervix like the smear results suggested. Have to go for ga to have it removed and tested :(

the exam was terrifying but was over quick and they were really nice .

wait g for a date now

It's much better under GA,and you can be sure they try there best to get it all,at least they have found out now and your going to have treatment :) all the best 

So now have an infection. :( 

the wait for results is awful.