Severe dyskaryosis ( children and fertility)

Hello I'm new here. Within 3 weeks of having my first smear, I've been told that I have high grade dyskaryosis, had a colposcopy and biopsy. I'm currently waiting for my results and driving myself insane with worry and fear. I came off the pill 6 months aga as me and my fiancée agreed that as I have PCOS we should not be waiting around to have a baby. Now I've been made aware of these abnormal cells and my periods have completely stopped, I've been thinking about seeing my specialist again to get medication to help me concieve. It feels like getting pregnant is slipping further and further away from me and time now with these high grade cells, really isn't on my side. I've found this forum a great comfort recently and just wanted to talk to women that would understand. Hope xx

Hiya Hope :)


what at you have is also called CIN3 I had a smear results then colposcopy within about three weeks my results for my biopsy were 

a week after the actual colposcopy although I never heard them until two weeks after the colposcopy, I had Lletz treatment done under GA

as the area was too large so I wouldn't find it comfortable under LA

all in all if the results of my Lletz come back ok then I'll be invited back for a colposcopy in 6 months.

please don't think the worst case scenario I know how hard it is not too and sometimes I still do but I snap out if it just as quickly, it's pre cancerous and

 very treatable, I can't comment on getting pregnant as I'm. It sure weather they'll do treatment however I do know of some having CIN3 and being pregnant and

they get an extra eye kept on them and then have treatment after the birth of their child xxx

Hi ive recently found out I have high grade CIN and was booked in for the op a week thursday but ive just found out im pregnant so its been cancelled all the receptionist said to me when she called me bk is the dr will check on me in July. Im left knowing nothing no reassurance ghat its safe to wait till after ive had my baby nothing I was also booked in for a hysteroscopy but he now cant do that either so I still dont know why im bleeding or if mh baby is safe, or me. Hes said nothing about the scans they were going to do or anything I feel like im in limbo I now have to wait till tues to ring docs n try n get in with midwife which will take another week or more im scared x

Thank you for your reply Nicola :). I had the colposcopy, biopsy and lletz all on the same day. I'm just counting down the minutes until the results. For months now I've had pain during sex, heavy discharge, abdominal pains/bloating, bleeding, needing to urinate 24-7 and severe lower back pain. This is why now I'm so worried. Covgirl 24 congratulations on your pregnancy, wonderful news during a difficult time for you. Xx