3rd check up


So 6 weeks ago, I had my 3rd check up which consisted of  a colposcopy and an MRI. 

Anyway, it's will be 7 weeks this Friday and I still have heard nothing. And I hate the term no news is good news as some of well know that's not the case... so I rang the hospital for the 3rd time in the past 4 weeks and they said that the software to be able to read the MRI is down at the minute and they wont tell me the results of my colp, which they said they have, until the results of the MRI are able to be read and then they will send me a full report! 

I might be freaking out for no reason but I'm hating this waiting game, it's my health being messed about here all for some silly software! 

Anyway, I hope your all doing well :)


i just wanted to say I know how frustrating it is waiting on results. I ended up calling after 6 weeks and got results on phone week 7. Still no actual letter now at 9 weeks and secretary said to call to talk to consultant and got the run around and she called me today after me saying to the secretary I don't get mobile phone signal at work and that I can call if she told me when she would be available. 

Anyway just thought I would try and share that others also have your worries. A problem shared is a problem halved apparently :) x