waiting is driving me mad new

Hi all


just feel i need to post as just need to get it off my chest and feel like i'm doing my friends head in with it.

i am not the worlds most patient person when it comes to things out of my control, it has now been 6 weeks since my colposcopy, the colposcopist didn't really say much about what she could see except it was a karge area and i was making her work for her money lol the results of my smear came back as high grade so i'm presuming cin3, but the mind keeps wandering, i'm no longer sleeping properly and feel like i've been sat by the letterbox for months (including smear results) just waiting for the postman to come. I rang the doctors last week and they hadn't recieved my results so i rang the colposcopy unit this week, the receptionist was lovely but couldn't give me the results, she was going to print them off and get the colposcopist to dictate the letter the next day, which has now put more thoughts in my head, surely they have a standard letter for cin that they send out?!


anyway, i'm sure i'm fretting over nothing and the results would've been in weeks ago had it been cc and hopefully the letter will arrive tomorrow


sorry for the long post and rant, just felt i needed to get it out there and didn't know where else to do it x

Hi pickle

Seems to be the case that the consultant who did the colposcopy will always do the letter. Mine re biopsy results and further treatment required was dictated by the consultant. Apparently, the receptionists aren't allowed to discuss it with you, because they are not medically qualified to interpret the results and answer any questions you might have.

I know what you mean about the waiting though. I was fine waiting for the biopsy result, which arrived bang on the 4 week mark (which  is exactly when the consultant said they would be in), but have been waiting 5 weeks today since my LLETZ under GA, and still no sign of a letter :-(

It's definitely getting to me this time. I just want to know that they got it all and I can stop worrying .... well for 6 months anyway! Let's hope we both hear something soon  - waiting sucks!!



thanks for your reply, no letter for me today, so rang the doctors and then the colp clinic, the letter has not been sent yet as the doctor is just back from her holidays, so I suppose that explains some of the wait! The receptionist did say the doctor was doing admin this afternoon so hopefully my letter will be in there but for now it will be another sleepless night and an anxious wait for the postman tomorrow. 

Hope you are not waiting too much longer for your results, it really is the worst part of all this x 

So after no letter yesterday I had a cry last night BUT today I have had a total meltdown, crying at everything, didnt actually realise how anxious and stressed I had been feeling till the tears came, just want to sleep all the time, and need Monday to come round fast so the postman can cone again! I know that I probably have nothing to worry about and everything will come back fine, just don't feel I can move on till the letter eventually arrives! 

Chin up, try and stay busy. Fingers crossed you get the results today xxx