3 month check


I had my 3 month check up on 3 March after my trach in december.

The appointment was not that pleasant and quite painful at the time.

I was told that the results would be back in a few weeks. I was away on holday beginning of April kind of worrying they would call me when I was away or my results would come. Anyway fast forward to my return and no results in post yet.

Last week I called and managed to talk to secretary who said my consultant had been on leave anyway she spoke to the sister who allowed her to give the results which were all clear - thank goodness. She said my letter was ready to be signed by the consultant when she is back. Told me to call on Monday  to discuss my results with consutant which I did to be told 'I don't know why I told you to call on Monday as the dr is in theatre all day' Anyway did not manage to get a hold of consultant all week and still no letter. Even though I technically got my results over the phone I am quite annoyed that I have now been waiting for 8 weeks to get a letter seems pretty ridiculous. What are other people's experiences of getting check up results? I don't want to be waiting this long every time! My next app will be due soon and if I had not called I could have been left worrying for 2 months!

Hi I always end up waiting a while for mine as well. It's strange how they treat things differently in different areas. I had my trach February 15 and they did a smear december 15 and then December 16 they don't actually do any tests at my appointments which are every 3 months.

i always have to wait approx 6 weeks for my results letter as well x

Ask for your gynae nurse specialist to email you. I have all mine emailed to you, by them or the Consultants secretary 



Thank you for your replies ladies.


Maybe I was lucky with the speed of things before..


I dunno who the specialiat nurse is :/ x