3 month check up

Hi ladies, 

The first few months of this year were hell. ..Full of uncertainty but luckily after lletz, cone biopsy and lymph node removal I was given the all clear. 3 month check up is Thursday and all the feelings of uncertainty are coming back! Got the usual generic letter but I would like to know if any one else knows what the 3 month check up may entail?

Thank you


Check up anxiety!!!!! Bleurgh. 

Mine are internal and external ultrasound and chat. Sometimes a colposcopy too. But everyone is different dependent on what they see/you say etc etc. Good luck. 

Good luck for tomorrow Michelle. Will be thinking of you x x

Thank you x

Check up all done, smear and internal. All looks good. Just wait for results now. 

Feel like I need another holiday!

Ah that is great news! hope they don't leave you waiting too long x x

Good luck Michelle! :-) Check-up anxiety is hell on a stick, really it is, but it gets better as time goes on.

Be lucky :-)


So my results came through. Normal smear and no HPV detected.

Relief is an understatement!


Off to get the dancing shoes :-D



Thank you Tivoli! xx