3 months post laproscopic radical hysterectomy

Hello all never posted before but think i am feeling sorry for myself and need a boot haha. I am 3 months post op radical hysterectomy for 1b1 adenocarcinoma and was told at 2 weeks i was disease free. I had my 3 month check last thursday, a speculum exam. Despite saying i have never had a day when i have felt as well as i did before my op they said i was doing well and would be seen again in 6 months. I have had like a dull pelvic ache for 3 days now and am worried the doctor did say i had some internal stitches still but they would eventually dissolve. I have no discharge , urine is clear advice please ladies xxx

Hi Hun,

I didn't want to see your post and "run". If you are concerned call your Macmillan nurse and discuss your concerns with them.  They are a fountain of knowledge!  Hopefully all okxxxxxx