Tiredness three months post op

Hi everyone,

I'm Three months post hysterectomy and over the past few days I've been unusually tired and lethargic. I've also been having upper abdominal pain, under my ribs but the pain moves about too. 

I have now convinced myself (even though all the histology came back clear) that I have got bowel or some other abdominal cancer. 

Has anyone else experienced pain and tiredness after previously feeling well?

I'm going back to work on Tuesday so maybe I'm just dreading that?!

If I ring the GP will they take me seriously because in all honesty what I want is fortnightly scans of my whole body to check I'm not riddled with cancer.

I'm seeing my consultant on 12th March for a standard follow up appointment.

Any advice gratefully received x x

Hi IsobelB

Think what you are experiencing is pretty normal, your body has been through a lot.  I am 5 1/2 months post radical hysterectomy and there are still days where I am completely shattered.  I also experience pains in my abdomen and pelvis on a daily basis and just put it down to part of the healing process.  Like you I am constantly thinking about a recurrence etc however my consultant just keeps telling me as sure as what he can be I am totally cured.  It's hard not to think the worst all the time tough.  I have had 2 check ups already and they seem happy with my progress and I have highlighted all the aches and pains and got told it's still early days.  I haven't had a vault smear yet though however this will be done at my next check up.  Hope this puts your mind at ease a little.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Dee x