3 days after radical hysterectomy

Hi all 1st thanks for all the brilliant advice you gave me had my op Fri I was under for 6 hours as I had a hernia repair to considering it's only day 3 I feel good iv got to keep the cathiter in for a week and should find out if my lymph nodes are clear in 2 week just wanted to say thanks this site has been a brilliant help good luck girls  x

So pleased ur ok hun xx

Thanks Lesley how are you getting on x

Hi Lisa

So pleased you are doing well, thats one helluva op to get through.  I was down 5 hours as I had a cyst on my overy and a fibroid on my womb but having a hernia repair at the same time is something else!  Hope everything goes well for you and really hope you get clear results for your lymph nodes.



Hi Lisa,

Really pleased the op went well :-)

Take it EASY and SLOW....Its the internal stuff that

takes time.

All the best for your results

Take care

Becky x

Thanks girls I will milk it as long as possible lol the clinic just rang to say my 2 week follow is  booked for the 11th of Feb what happens at that please ? X

I know ive gotta total abominal hysterectomy im so scared about pain afterwards x

Hi Lisa

That's when you'll get the lymph node results and you be checked that you are healing OK.



Hi Lesley

Please don't worry about the pain, mine wasn't bad at all and I only needed painkillers occasionally.



Good to hear from you Lisa, that's great news! :-)

Hi Lesley, try not to worry too much. The only time I specifically remember any pain was actually coming round from the anaesthetic. It must all be perfectly manageable with painkillers otherwise I'm sure I'd remember much more about it.

Be lucky


Thank you very much for reassuring ladies xxx

Thanks girls and defo best to stay as calm and positive as u can hoping for good news as my appointment is the day b4 my birthday :)